Udaariyaan 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sartaj kicks the family out of their home

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The episode starts with everyone performing aarti one by one. Nehmat and Sartaj perform aarti. Ekam and Harleen also do aarti. They distribute prasad and aarti. Nehmat says I’ll keep the plate in the kitchen. Renuka says lighting a diya there. Nehmat is walking. Sartaj is on duty. He turns to go after her. Pandit asks him to take prasad. Sartaj prays for Nehmat. Gas is leaking in the kitchen. Ekam prays and thinks I don’t want to be selfish and hurt Harleen and Nehmat, help me. Nehmat covers his face and goes into the kitchen. Ekam goes there and says it smells of gas. Sartaj also smells gas. Ekam says Nehmat went to the kitchen. Sartaj says Nehmat is in kitchen. Ekam is running. Nehmat tries to light the match. Ekam comes and calls Nehmat. The fire is catching up. Ekam holds her and tries to leave. Sartaj runs to save her.

Ekam keeps Nehmat away from the fire. The fire is spreading. Sartaj comes there and sees them inside. Ekam and Nehmat come out. Ekam asks everyone to leave, fire trapped inside. Everyone comes out. Naaz thinks it is good to keep quiet. Harleen asks Ekam to come. Ekam says someone must be here, fire brigade is coming, don’t worry, Sartaj is here. Everyone is at the Sandhu house. Swaroop says Ekam saved us on time. Renuka gets worried and asks why they didn’t come. Rupy says they will come. Harleen calls Ekam. He says everything is fine. She asks if you are okay. He says yes you all are fine. Nehmat asks where Sartaj is. He asks if she didn’t come here. Nehmat calls Sartaj and tells him that he is not answering. Ekam says that would be fine. Balbeer says we will go home to see. They all leave. They come home and see Sartaj. Ekam asks are you fine. Sartaj says where will I go, I was just looking at my house. Ekam asks what is special today. Sartaj says I feel it is mine. He stops them and says you can’t go inside. Ekam asks what happened.

Sartaj shows the sign and reads no foreigners allowed. Ekam asks why do we need this. Sartaj says I need this board, I don’t want strangers in my house, now the house, land and property are mine. He shows the property papers to Ekam. He says no one else owns the house, only me. Ekam and everyone are shocked. Balbeer asks what happened, have you gone mad? Sartaj says you hurt your head, how can I get angry. Naaz says this is not a joke. Sartaj says you always jump to conclusions, you know how this happened, this happened because of Balbeer. Balbeer asks what I did. Sartaj says you got injured and have bad memory, you took file from Renuka and were going to give file to lawyer, we clashed and our files were exchanged. Balbeer raised his hand. Sartaj stops him and says don’t do this mistake, I own everything. He warns Balwinder. Naaz says I didn’t think you will do this. Ekam asks did you make fake sign for me. Sartaj says n, you signed it, check.

Ekam remembers signing the papers at the police station. Harleen asks Nehmat what’s going on. Ekam says it is our house, my father’s last sign, how can you do this, you make us go, you said you don’t need love, money and family. Sartaj says I don’t need to clarify you. Ekam says we all trusted you. Sartaj says I don’t trust anyone, especially a family member, what can I do, now you make sense, you can trust an enemy but never family, because only a family member stabs us in back. He asks them to leave.

Ekam says you broke my trust, stay here, I promise, it is my house, it is our house, I will get it back soon. Nehmat says I will stay here. Ekam says you are angry, you want to stay here. Nehmat says I am Sartaj’s fiancee, I am not a stranger. Ekam says the person who removed his father, will not be yours, come with me. She asks him to take care of his family, she will handle it herself, she can see what they all can’t see. Harleen thinks Nehmat is taking advantage of this. Sartaj scoffs. Renuka says Ekam, Nehmat will not bear loss. Harleen says I remember Sartaj’s words, there are many persons in one person, I don’t know why you are doing this, I hope you know this. Rupy says you all come with me. Nimmo goes to Nehmat. Ekam and family leave. Nimmo says to take care of Nehmat.

Rupy and Satti ask how can Sartaj do this. Naaz says he is a cheater, Nehmat supported him. Ekam consoles Renuka. He says we will see what happens, believe me, everything will be fine. Naaz asks Balbeer is Sartaj your son, he took everything from us. Rupy says I gave my land papers to Sartaj, he didn’t do that. Naaz says Nehmat asked for her share too. She blames Nehmat and says that Nehmat and Sartaj had planned everything. Ekam thinks.

The episode ends

Credit update to: Amena

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