Junooniyat 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyat 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jordan says you wanted the fight not to continue so your and Jahan’s truth wouldn’t come out. God is speaking. Jordan takes her phone and says let me see how many times you text her. Ilahi says you will find nothing because there is no such thing. I didn’t even talk to him. Her phone rings. It’s Mahip. Jordan hangs up. Mahip says how dare this girl cut my call. Inder says she is with Jordan. Don’t interfere. Let them solve their problems. Mahip says only I can interfere in Jordan’s life. Nobody else. Ilahi says Jordan lets go of my pain.

Jahan calls someone and demands to know what scam happened in Mehta Industries. What projects were going on and who was the signing authority and what was Baljeet’s role. He says I will pay as much as you want. But I want this information. Jordan pushes Ilahi. She falls. Jordan says what about my pain? If you saw Jahan for the first time after the Mandap, how come you were so calm? He betrayed you and your family. He left you alone and shamed his family in front of the world. How were you so calm? He shouted. He breaks the bottles. Does God say breaking bottles gives you peace? without right? If there were, I would do the same. Now listen to me. I knew Jahan was in Chandigarh. Jordan is shocked. Ilahi says that I saw him at the market but I didn’t even meet him. I was as shocked as you. I don’t even want to meet him. You were so excited about your interview that I didn’t want to spoil your mood. Jordan throws a bottle and says you’re lying. Ilahi says I am not lying. I could hide it, but I didn’t because my heart is clear. I’ve moved on and I expect you to trust me. One more thing, I promised my father that I will give this marriage another chance and I will fulfill my promise. Now it’s up to you whether you want to trust me or not. I’ll wait for you outside. I won’t go anywhere without taking you.

Scene 2
Baljeet calls Jahan and asks if he is fine. Jahan says I am fine but why Jolly uncle had to tell you everything. Baljeet says he had to. If I knew they were coming, I wouldn’t have sent you there. Jahan says we are not afraid of anyone. Baljeet says Mahip is very dangerous. Jahan says I got it. She is very smart. Biji and Bau ji don’t even know the truth. They didn’t even promise to bring you back. They still think you’re hiding there after pulling a scam.

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