Parineeti 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari and Neeti are saved

Parineeti 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salojna asks what’s going on? Rakesh says don’t shout in front of me. Salojna says don’t do this drama in front of me either. we will lose and win together. Rakesh says why are you all lecturing? I’m going to save Pari. She will marry me because I have Sanju. She will have to marry me to keep Sanju alive. Chandrika tells her that Pammi Pari went to the garnish. There’s also a villain inside. Tao ji says the firemen are here.

The fair is looking for Pari and Neeti. Pari is worried. The madman says I will kill you both. Get out. Pari hugs Neeti. Neeti is fainted. The goons look around. You don’t faint. He hears the noise and says are you both here? Now see what I do. Rakesh tries to get into the garnish. He says Pari is there, I have to save both of them. his mother tries to stop him. rakesh comes inside. Everyone begs him not to enter. The madman tells Pari that I will kill this Neeti and then you. You both bothered me a lot. Rakesh says I have to get Pari out of here. He puts some black marks on his face. Goons strangle Neeti. Pari hits him on the head.

Firefighters are trying to put out the fire. The goon hits Pari. Rakesh comes there and hits him on the head. He says, Pari, are you okay? I came here to save you and Neeti. Pari looks at Neeti. Pari hugs her. Rakesh says let’s go out. He says before I die I want to apologize for all the times I misbehaved. Pari says shut up. We have to get Neeti out of here. Say forgive me. Pari says stop the trash and let’s get out of here. Rakesh says cover yourself with this and I will choose Neeti. He chooses Neeti. The crew comes there and saves them.

Scene 2
Rakesh, Pari and Neeti come out. Rakesh says don’t worry she just passed out. Pari says it was someone.. Pami says call a doctor for Neeti first. Gurinder says to Tao ji please find my Sanju too. Alavat asks Jai to bring the goon and no one should know about him. Alavat’s wife says thank God Rakesh saved them. He says Neeti will stab us and expose us. Gurinder says Neeti are you fine? Pari says thank God she is fine. She just passed out. Pami says to call the doctor. Gurinder says Tao ji went to police station to talk about Sanju. Rakesh says why? Gurinder says he is gone. He didn’t come back. Pami calls the doctor. Rakesh says my face got burnt. But I had to save Pari and Neeti. Pami says Pari go and rest. Rakesh says I jumped into fire to save Pari and Neeti. I decided even if I die I have to save Pari and Neeti. I saved your sister Pari. Alavat’s wife comes there. He says don’t scold me. I had to save them. Pami says Rakesh saved both of them. She takes Rakesh from there.

Pami calls the doctor. Pari rubs Neeti’s hands. Neeti says thank you. they hug and cry. Rakesh’s mother applies medicine to his burn. The salon is coming there. She says stop this drama. What are you trying to do? He says I saved Neeti as a hero. She won’t say anything now. Salojna says Neeti knows everything. Sanju is not here yet. You have to get Neeti to come to your side. His mother returns. Saojna leaves.

Scene 3
Chandrika comes to Pari and hugs her. She is crying. Alavat asks Rakesh what is it? Rakesh says I need your help. Alavat says why did you have to save Neeti? Rakesh says I had to save her. Alavat asks what do you want? You will ruin my career. Rakesh says we have to save what we can lose.
Chandrika tells Pari that I was so scared. I shouldn’t have let you go there. Pari says I’m fine. Please don’t cry, don’t love me too much. Chandrika says I can’t stop loving you. Pari says Neeti is lucky to have a sister-in-law like you. Chandrika says I m your sister in law. Pari says once Neeti is better, I will ask him if he knows about that man. where is rajiv Neeti said Rajiv is with her.

The episode ends

Precap-Pami says that this wedding will not take place now. Sanju is in the jungle. Rakesh tells Neeti that you and I have decided to get Pari. Or should I make you hear Sanju’s screams. Neeti tells Pami Rakesh is a very good guy. We won’t find a better guy for Pari.

Credit update to: Atiba

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