Junooniyat June 19, 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi dances with Jordan

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Scene 1
Ilahi comes down. Jordan says this is not the dress I gave her. His mother says how did this happen? Ilahi remembers fixing the cape dress. Everyone says Jordan your wife is so pretty. Jordan kneels. He shakes hands, Ilahi remembers Jahan. Ilahi says no one feels known by me. Ilahi meets everyone.

Seerat is driving. Her mother calls and asks where she is? She says yes, I did what you asked. Diljhot says be careful to meet Dolly. She says ok send me location. Seerat comes to the hospital. Jahan is there. Get juice and fruit from the cafeteria. Seerat takes her phone and says can’t you see the line? Mahi introduces Ilahi to the guests. Biji and Gini hug Ilahi. Husan says you look so pretty. Jahan says how dare you? Seerat says I can show you how bold I am. He says I was on an important call. She says you can go to one side. I have to see patients too. He says why should I go out then? I will stay here. She takes his juice. Canteen service says this was the last one we had. Mahi introduces Ilahi to Shivani and Simi. They ask where did Jordan and Ilahi meet? Mahi says college. She says maybe Jordan was scared that someone else might marry her.

Scene 2
Jahan brings the juice to his father and says sorry, stupid girl took apple juice. Seerat enters. They are shocked to see her. Jahan says what are you doing here? Baljeet says she is Diljhot’s daughter. She is Seerat and says this is my son. Seerat says uncle you are so sweet and he is so boring. He laughs.

Tina announces that Jordan and Ilahi will be dancing for everyone. Rasika says how will she do the dance? He has no class. Mahi says no Jordan will do. If you stop it, people will say they might not know. Ilahi tells Jordan they can’t dance in this dress. i will fall He says, trust me, you’ll be fine. He says I want you to fall so that I can save you and you fall in love with me. Jordan and Ilahi dance. Ilahi remembers dancing with Jahan. Everyone applauds. Ilahi sits to one side. Raksika steps on her cape. Her falling cape won. Everyone is shocked. Iahir feels ashamed. She holds herself. Ialhir is ashamed. She starts to cry. Jordan says now he would know how it feels to be embarrassed in front of everyone.

Jahan pays Seerat for the gift. He says your mother has already done a lot of favors to my parents. But I can’t take favors anymore. She says you always have this angry face? He remembers God. He says I thank God that I found you and met you. I had such a bad impression of you. She says I’m unpredictable. Does she say friends? Jahan remembers Ilahi. He goes to a corner and cries. He says I don’t know what God is like.

Scene 3
People mock Ilahi for having no fashion sense. He shouldn’t have worn it. Ginni says she embarrassed us in front of everyone. She remembers how Ilahi saved her in the similar situation. Jahan says Ilahi hates me for sure. Jordan makes Ilahi wear the cape. She says Jahan.. He says no when you come back it will always be me. I am your life now.

The episode ends

Precap-Mahi introduces Ilahi to MP Mehta. Rasika says see what I am doing now. Ilahi threw up in front of everyone.

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