Dead City on Amazon? (where to stream)

zombies it may be over, but the franchise as a whole is not. Where you can watch the new series The Walking Dead: Dead City?

zombies the franchise continues to grow. It’s time for Maggie and Negan to continue their journey together in the dystopian world of The Walking Dead: Dead City. Considering the hatred Maggie has had for Negan for so long, this team-up is surprising, but we were sold on the last season of the OG series.

Now eyes are on where we can watch the show online. We know the episodes air on AMC on Sunday nights, but where do they air the next day? Am I on Amazon?

Is The Walking Dead: Dead City on Prime Video?

We start this off with a bit of bad news. There is no option to watch the spin-off series Prime Video. At least, not directly.

As an AMC series, the show is headed to AMC+ for streaming. Here you can watch via Amazon. AMC+ is one of Amazon’s channels, so you can add that extra subscription and get everything in your Prime Video platform.

Is The Walking Dead: Dead City on Amazon Video?

There is another way to stream shows on Amazon. You can buy the episodes on Amazon Instant Video. This will add the episodes to your Amazon library.

We have good news about this show. Episodes will be available for purchase on Digital. If you get the entire season, you’ll not only save some money, but you’ll see episodes added to your Amazon Library as soon as they’re available. No need to keep checking when episodes are available to watch. Episodes typically appear on Amazon Instant Video the day after they air on AMC.

The Walking Dead: Dead City airs Sundays on AMC and is available on AMC+.

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