Katha Ankahee 15th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Katha informs Kavita about her quarantine.

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Viaan is grateful for the negative reports, he had bad thoughts. Ehsan had to stay in a hotel for Viaan, Teji would have pointed out otherwise. Ehsan asks Viaan to leave Teji for a while. Viaan questions Ehsan as he is looking in a strange way, he regained his senses. Ehsan’s mind started working properly the moment he was informed that the reports had come back negative. He sings and teases Viaan about his time with Katha in the cabin. Viaan says he played quiz, rather than trash basketball. Ehsan wants the car stopped, his ears are bleeding. Ehsan gets out of the car; he has nothing to say to Viaan. Ehsan is successful in 16 relationships but Viaan has learned nothing. Viaan gave Viaan a golden opportunity, he was locked with Katha in a cabin. Viaan is to blame. Viaan is happy, the problem is in the situation. Ehsan says he lost his best opportunity. Viaan is looking for the right moment, the moment his heart beats for Katha, when he started respecting her, the moment he fell in love with her. Everything happened without any planning. Ehsan asks questions, planning is their job. Viaan doesn’t believe that relationships can be planned, whatever he has with Katha is original. If Katha rejects him, it will break his heart, but they will remain friends. Viaan plans to handle matters of the heart with love and patience, not to break Kathai’s trust. Ehsan advises Viaan to initiate the matter before planning it. Viaan asks what to do with their mother. Ehsan thinks that a dinner together will keep their mothers at ease. Viaan reminds Ehsan about the 2 day conference, they have to speak from the EarthCon panel. Viaan will have 2 rooms reserved, Ehsan asks if there will be a party.

While having breakfast with the family, Katha remembers Viaan telling her to pray for Chole Bhature. Viaan eats Chole Bhature with his family, remembering his time with Katha. The rolled tissue paper reminds them of the basketball competition. Both through the ball into their respective bins. Their respective families question them for it. Neerja notices that Katha is happy. The bandage makes them travel down memory lane. They both sleep after that.

Kavita notices Yuvraj taking care of Yohan. She takes Yohan, he tells her that Reet didn’t like Mr. Garewal scolding her. She is not happy that Katha is accepted into this family; the complex grows in her every day. She thinks that Katha has achieved a lot in her life, Reet’s negative vibes are running the family. Kavita does not believe that comparison in relationships never works well. She advises Yuvraj to make Reet and Katha spend time together, this might break some differences. Yuvraj asks Kavita about Katha and Viaan. Kavita knows that Katha can decide best for herself and Viaan, being a gentleman, will never cross her line.

Aarav gifts Katha a necklace that he bought with the money he saved. The pearls are not real now. Katha doesn’t care, the gift is special for her. He shows her the present he got for Robin.
Aarav has gifts for Aarna and Kiara. Katha gives Reet her favorite chocolate. Reet leaves asking everyone to have fun with Katha. Yuvraj covers on her behalf, says she is tired because of Yohan. The kids went to play a new board game with Mr. Garewal and Yuvraj. Kavita sits down to talk to Katha, asks about her hectic work life. Katha informs Kavita about the quarantine, Viaan didn’t make her uncomfortable. Kavita asks her as she is stuck. Aditya’s death blinded Kavita from the new blessing life brought her near Katha and Aarav. He advises Katha to let new things into her life, she has the right to make new memories.

At home, Katha receives a call from Viaan. He has something to discuss with her, she hopes it won’t be more complaints in Korean. Viaan assures that there are no problems. She was doing FOMO, she wants to know about the plans she made with Aarav last night. Katha and Aarav did everything they planned.

PRECAP: Katha has signed up for the conference that Ehsan and Viaan are going to, now they will travel there together. Batman tells Robin about the awkward coincidence that his mother left the station on the same dates as Robin. Ehsan makes an excuse to skip the trip, he is not feeling well.

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