Udaariyaan 15 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat finds out about Harleen’s condition

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The episode starts with Naaz asking if Nehmat is pregnant. Sartaj says stop watching serials, he is taking heavy medicine and not on good diet, so he was vomiting. Nehmat is walking. Next is Nimmo. Ekam comes and looks further. Nimmo asks what happened. Nehmat says I don’t know how long I can hide this, I have a reason to live, I know how to live and for whom. Nimmo asks him to be clear. Nehmat says Naaz’s doubt is right, I am pregnant with Ekam’s child. Nimmo is shocked. She asks what game fate is playing with you, does Ekam know? Nehmat says no. Ekam asks if she had food poisoning. Cherry says Harleen made breakfast. Ekam asks what you added in it. Sartaj says we also had the same breakfast. Harleen becomes sad. Ekam says sorry, I was worried about Nehmat.

Nehmat says I can never do this, Ekam is from Harleen now, Sartaj wants me to tell truth to Ekam, but he will end everything and leave Harleen if he knows this. Nimmo says everyone will know that. Nehmat says I have to go far away from here.

Nimmo asks Nehmat out. Naaz says I was happy that if Harleen can’t get pregnant then Nehmat can get pregnant, its fine if you say there is no such thing. Ekam asks Balbeer to see what Naaz says. He was scolding Naaz. He asks Harleen are you okay. She nods. Sartaj says go inside and sing a bhajan now. Nehmat asks what Naaz is saying, Harleen can’t conceive. Naaz says Harleen can’t become a mother because she took the bullet to save you, you are happy. Nehmat cries.

Renuka asks Ekam to come to the puja. He says I am getting angry. She says calm down come. He says no, I don’t deserve to light diya. She says no, you are a good person, good son, good cop. He says no, I am not a good person, I don’t know what I am doing. She asks him to come with her, Matarani will show her the way. Ekam and Harleen light the diya. Everyone participates in Mata ki chowki. Nehmat prays and asks why did you do this to Harleen, what do you want to do. A girl comes in Devi’s avatar. Nehmat prays to raise his child alone. Harleen leaves. Balbeer is on duty. Nehmat hugs Harleen and tells her so sorry, this happened because of me. Harleen says you saved me too and you are still not fine, I will not lose, Matarani will make everything fine. Nehmat says nothing bad will happen to you, I am proud of you, you can ask me for any help you want. They hug. Harleen thinks Ekam is a devil to me, I don’t have to ask you for him. Balbeer asks someone to make fake papers. He says I want to take this property in my name. Naaz comes and looks for Nehmat and Harleen. He sees Balbeer. She asks you what you are hiding. He says I lost the papers. She gets shocked. She asks if you lost the papers. She says I sent Ekam to jail to get the papers, what will we do now, you are getting old. He asks her to stop making fun of his age and stay within limits. He comes out and sits down. She gets angry and throws things. The gas pipe connection is removed from the stove. Ekam and Harleen do aarti.

Nehmat goes to the kitchen. Ekam smells gas. He says that Nehmat went to the kitchen. He runs to stop Nehmat. She lights the diya.

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