Katha Ankahee 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vanya and Ehsan compete with each other.

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Neerja takes the phone from Aarav’s hands to tell Katha that everything is fine. Viaan is relieved, Katha will tell him about it. He sends Aarav to fetch the phone, advises Viaan to enjoy the trip as well. He asks him about this voice, he feels like a love bird, a happiness, he knows that it is double happiness to talk to her and to be with someone. Viaan sees Katha and tells her that Aarav was calling her so she had to choose. Katha talks to Neerja, gives the phone to Aarav. He tells Katha about himself and permission to throw a party for his friends. Katha allows him on the condition that he helps Neerja in cooking. Neerja forbids anyone from entering her kitchen. Katha took out her phone, asks Viaan to have rice after salad too. Anirudh comes champion, other colleagues also come who ask not to be treated with drinks too. Katha announces that Anirudh will serve the most expensive champion to everyone after dinner. Viaan laughs, Anirudh leaves as the waiter asks permission to serve drinks. Viaan asks Katha about the Katha she knows. She wants him to give her a background check about his affair with Anirudh.

Viaan takes Katha to the terrace, telling her that 10 years ago she had a fight with Viaan in the same hotel over a girl named Neha. Anirudh liked her, proposed to her, but didn’t like her back. Neha used to spend time with Viaan. Anirudh eventually broke away from Viaan, started spreading rumors about him and Viaan and got his nose broken in return. He seeks revenge since Katha wonders why he is still poking his nose everywhere. Katha likes to have protective friends around, as Viaan was. Viaan is still like that, he would take trouble for his people like Teji, Ehsan, Batman, Katha and Neerja. Viaan didn’t bring her here to tell a story, there’s more to it. He asks her to sit still, then see the starry sky above. They both lay down on the floor to enjoy the view. He insists her to go to bed. She makes him lie down too. They see constellations. He tells her the story of Orpheus and his signature abilities. Katha questions him for telling a tragic story, Viaan says that Orpheus also did it for his love to be reunited with her in the underworld. Katha believes that each lover’s death was a tragedy. Viaan believes that love seeks fulfillment. Lovers are together after death, together was the goal.
Ehsan gathers everyone to take a break, distributes bears among them. He notices Vanya working in the corner, a point he should enjoy during the break. He applauds Abhishek who starts coughing. Ehsan indirectly taunts Vanya that riding a bike doesn’t make anyone cool. He draws a bottle, opens the cap with his teeth, Ehsan fails. Vanya fills the bottle before him, others ask Ehsan to back off because Vanya is very competitive. Entrepreneur Ehsan does not back down, Vanya takes another bottle and begins the competition. Finally, Ehsan fell. Vanya asks her not to worry, it’s an age factor.

Viaan points to another constellation. Katha takes a name that Viaan struggles to pronounce. The staff wants to know who is on the balcony. Katha wonders, they are not teenagers, Viaan worries that he will be humiliated. Katha runs, Viaan follows. They run through the corridors of the hotel, they hide in the storeroom. A couple was sharing their feelings for each other there. The man never found a girl like her; he attends the conference just to meet her. The girl remembers everything too, the ice cream dates, the dances and the long drives. Viaan and Katha reminisce about their time together.

PRECAP: Katha hears Viaan telling everyone a story about a king fighting for his love, true love knows how to give without expecting anything in return. Ehsan tells Vanya that her honeymoon period is over, Vanya loves challenges and so does Ehsan.

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