Radha Mohan 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini plans to destroy the evidence

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Damini says both Radha and Mohan got closer to each other, Damini says she will make sure that Mohan gets in a very disturbed state, she explains that Radha should take Mohan to office but then he has to wait and see what happens to him.

Mohan who is sitting on the bed asks Radha to stop but she doesn’t listen so he puts a pillow between both of them which Radha moves away and then moves closer to Mohan so he is really tensed and feeling uncomfortable, he asks what it is. she does as she pulls him close revealing what she is saying, he tries to understand when radha informs him that he just needs to feel. Mohan starts to turn around so Radha starts to smile, she asks him if he thought she would really become romantic with him when she promised nothing would happen between the two of them until he accepted her. Mohan asks why is she acting like you, she replies that she was really enjoying the moment. Mohan hearing Kadambari calling Radha runs to her, Radha thinks that tomorrow is Mohan’s first day after returning to office and she really needs to know what is the secret that Damini is hiding in the office room.

Tulsi sitting next to Gungun exclaims that she is sleeping peacefully after so many days, Tulsi exclaims that she was always worried that Gungun would have to grow up alone without a mother’s love, but now she is happy that Radha has accepted Gungun as her daughter, she prays. that bot Radha and Mohan should start their life together mentioning after which Gungun would either have a younger brother or sister.

Damini and Kaveri go when she is worried if anyone is awake when Damini replies that no one would be awake so late at night, Kaveri replies that not everyone is asleep and Tulsi might be awake, Damini says she has to assume such a risk. Damini and Kaveri sneak out of the house but are shocked to see Kaveri wondering where they are going. Kkaveri wonders where Ketki is coming from when she replies that she was coming back from a walk, Kaveri mentions that she is also going for a walk as she had a lot to eat at dinner and is not feeling well, but Ketki replies that she doesn’t trust. they both call Maa, Kaveri sprays their faces when Damini asks what she is doing as they can’t afford another murder, Kaveri informs that it is a simple spray that they can make anyone unconscious and it won’t kill her, Damini. says that they have to take the body inside, which angers Kaveri, who asks Damini not to name Ketki as the body as she is alive. Tulisi goes out to see who was screaming but can’t see anyone. She gets worried sitting next to Gungun.

Damini and Kaveri manage to rush out of the house once again, Tulsi reaching the main door is shocked wondering who it was, she sees Ketki sleeping on the couch so she thinks she must have been very tired so that he slept here, but then he wonders if he has arrived. in a fight with Ajeet. Tulsi says Ketki also took care of Gungun like a mother in Radha’s absence. Tulsi mentions that it is time for the new generation of this family to start, exclaims that Ketki should also think about starting her own family. Tuls covers Ketki with a quilt before turning back.

Ramaveshwar opens the trunk and takes out the old belongings, Dadi comes wondering why he opened the box from their past, Ramaveshwar says when memories tend to be strong, so they keep looking at these old things. Ramaveshwar informs that Radha came out after such a big incident but they were not with her, he reveals that he is very worried. Dadi asks him to come as they both have to meet Radha after which he would feel cute too, Ramaveshwar refuses to forgive Radha and even asks Dadi not to meet Radha, Dadi suggests that they have to live in the present, not in the past.

Damini and Kaveri reach the office when Damini says they only have tonight to get rid of all the evidence that would lead back to her, Kaveri wonders what will happen to the cameras so Damini turns off the lights. Kaveri gives the bag to Damini informing that she has a very big surprise, so she takes out the black dress, Damini asks why did Kaveri bring them, Kaveri says that criminals wear such clothes, Damini is angry, yet she wears the black dress. Kaveri asks what she looks like, Damini replies that she looks like a ghost. Damini and Kaveri both reach the office.

Mohan and Radha sleep while he holds her hair, she keeps turning so he finds himself wondering what she is doing and what her hair is doing in his hand. Mohan says Radha should sleep on the floor, she says she is his wife so she would sleep with him on the bed. Mohan mentions that he himself will sleep on the floor. Radha promises not to let him even sleep, he asks what he can do if he dies. Radha asks him not to say such bad words and asks him to bring her some food. Mohan mentions that it is very late so who is eating at this time, Radha replies that she is eating and she is hungry. Mohan mentions that she can eat him if she likes, Radha replies that she can’t eat a human being and explains that Mohan was saying that he would really care for her, but he doesn’t even bring anything for her, he starts acting like and like she’s very worried. . Mohan holds both Radha’s lips together, exclaiming that if Maa hears her screams, then it would create another problem. He assures that he will bring something for her, Radha tries to speak however Mohan doesn’t let go of her lips, she asks him to leave as he informs that he is trying to find a way out wondering if Shalu is coming back but Radha assures she will hold her back, he asks Radha to come with him but she refuses at first but he says she wants to eat but she is not ready to come with him.

Damini and Kaveri are both getting ready when Kaveri mentions that she has lost a finger, however Damini helps her and they both leave.

Mohan asks what Radha is going to eat, she replies that she wants a tortilla filled with potatoes. He asks if she doesn’t want anything normal, but Radha says she would only eat this. Mohan takes out a pan saying that Radha also has to help him, so he brings a jar containing wheat. Radha asks Mohan to pour water but he pours a whole jug. Radha says she will show him the right path but sneezes so that the wheat falls on both of them. After a while, Radha exclaims that she will clean it after a while, but in the meantime they both have to mix the wheat. Mohan doesn’t know how to do it right, so Radha says she will show him the right way, she starts helping Mohan, who is also happy. Mohan turns to Radha and helps her fix her hair using his elbow. They both start smiling sitting side by side, they both finally manage to make a tortilla filled with potatoes, Radha turns to Moan who gets worried seeing the knife, she still cuts the tortilla into a heart shape. Mohan even feeds Radha tortillas, asking how it tastes, Tulsi sees both of them and prays how they should both stay like this for the rest of their lives.

Damini explains that she has to get rid of this evidence before Radha gets her hands on her, Kaveri exclaims that not even Radha could do anything against them. Damini and Kaveri both start hitting the tiles to break them, and Tulsi starts suffering from it and is unable to understand the reason. Kaveri removes a tile using the crowbar and even Damini helps her, they both quickly get rid of the tile, Tulsi is unable to stand still. Damini mentions that they don’t have much time suggesting Kaveri to hurry up, they start to differ again due to Tulsi being in pain and falls in the corridor and her head starts to hurt after a while she feels a sharp pain in neck. Tulsi wonders what is happening to her and so calls Radha for help, however Radha cannot hear Tulsi’s cry for help. Kaveri and Damini both dig with all their might, Tulsi unable to bear the pain falls down the stairs and again calls Radha for help sensing something is wrong, Radha gets worried.

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