Katha Ankahee 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha and Viaan go out for dinner.

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Neerja chooses what to wear, Katha wonders. Neerja tries to push Katha to dress nicely while going out for dinner. Katha doesn’t want to get dressed. Katha searched her closet, a sari fell, she remembers Aditya asking her to wear this sari he bought for her. He never got a chance to see her in this saree.

Viaan is waiting for Katha, he sees her coming dressed in a purple saree. He was mesmerized, stunned. Viaan compliments her, says she looks like a goddess, graceful. Viaan thinks he will remember what he has to say today. Katha wonders what to say now. Viaan asks, asks if he wants to send him. Katha would like it but wants beginners first. Viaan won’t order dinner if the evening could end after the first course. The waiter serves them wine and menu. Viaan will order in a while. He tells Katha that they can talk about the untold story that Katha has kept. It’s not easy to get rid of her thoughts, and Viaan is leaving tomorrow. Viaan will be back in 15 days. Katha is aware but things can change in 15 days. Viaan agrees, but something can never change. He wants to read her mind, to understand what she is thinking, to help her if she needs it, to be happy with her, to want to read her wide eyes. Viaan wonders how he would survive 15 days without her. Katha thinks you better tell her everything before you leave. Katha agrees, there is a lot going on in it. She will say something, the rest is for Viaan to figure out. Mr. Garewal interrupts Katha, he and Kavita see her from afar and come forward. Mr. Garewal compliments Katha in saree. He meets Viaan, he has been asking Kavita to visit this restaurant for a while, he heard it is a nice place, Katha being here proves his point. Kavita suggests to leave Katha and Viaan alone. Mr. Garewal disagrees, he is willing to treat Katha for a long time. Viaan asked Mr. Garewal to join, but the treat will be his. Viaan asks Mr Garewal to order as he is the real restaurant eater here. Mr. Garewal orders, says the quality of the naan says everything about a restaurant. Viaan asks her to order chole bhature, Katha likes it. Mr. Garewal was asking Viaan about his preference, he knows Kaha’s choice well. Mr. Grewal compliments Viaan for taking care of his employees. He tells Viaan that he was stunned by the news, he doesn’t know the whole story as an outsider, but on behalf of his father he tells Viaan that he is proud of him. Everyone is enjoying dinner. Mr. Garewal asks Viaan about Teeji, he feels she might be affected. Viaan knows that the truth is bitter, it is painful, but it helps to repair relationships. Mr Garewal says some relationships need change and love can heal them. Viana was lucky to have crossed the milestone with her mother before, now she has to focus on her happiness. Mr Garewal says Viaan is taking Teeji to Paris on a 15 day trip. Mr. Garewal loves him, he is the best for everyone. Kavita remembers that he brought her to dinner too. Mr. Garewal has to catch up with Katha. He continued to talk all night.

On the way out, Mr. Garewal offers to drop Katha home, it’s been days since he met Aarav. Viaan is taking leave, he will see Katha back in the office. Mr. Garewal recalls Teeji calling him for help, says Katha pushed Viaan to take the plunge, warned him that Katha and Viaan were getting close. He told about Viaan and Katha’s dinner plan, left everything to him.

Kavita can read Mr. Garewal after all these years. She could feel him coming between Viaan and Katha, not letting them talk. There is a possibility that they will discuss something important. He doesn’t like Viaan and Katha getting close, the man has never crossed his limit. Mr. Garewal was excited to see Katha and wanted to talk to her. Kavita thinks she has to give space to Viaan and Katha, maybe she likes Katha too. Mr. Garewal calls Kavita to interpret the situation, no need for her. Kavita believes that no one can stop two people who let each other stay apart, the universe finds ways to bring them together like Aditya and Katha.

Batman was shocked to learn of Robin’s departure to Paris. Robin feels that Batman wants to accompany him, he can be bagged. Batman asks Robin to enjoy his alone time with his mother, with that, he has to help his mother as well. Robin questions Batman about his plan. The plan failed, he found they didn’t like each other enough, so he worried about his mother. Robin is worried too. Batman asks if this is his special friend. Robin is sure she wants to tell him something, but she doesn’t know how. Batman will pray to God that Robin knows what his friend has to say and how his mother feels. Robin says the woman is wiser, they analyze everything before making up their minds. Batman believes efforts are needed for this. They promise to help each other.

PRECAP: Neerja tells Aarav that the project is happening because of Viaan, Katha’s boss. Viaan loves design. Katha tells him that they will build this design together as a monument after he returns from Paris. It will be a monument representing their dreams. Aarav comes to Katha’s office and finds that Robin is Viaan.

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