Saavi Ki Savaari 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ratna who is shocked to see the news on her mobile and shows it to Brijesh. They see that the reporter (who Nityam had insulted) says that Nityam is the selfish man who wants to gain from his wife. Nutan sees the news. The reporter says that she is a fan of love stories and says that bouquet and gifts are not love and asks them to test their partner that he is not like Nityam Dalmia, selfish and a pure businessman who only cares about profit and loss, otherwise your life will become like Saavi Dalmia and you will try to find love in the second week of marriage. Nutan says everything happened because of Saavi and her stubbornness. She says Damad ji is so good, this time he is wrong and he has to correct his mistakes. She says I will go talk to her. Ratna prays that because of Saavi’s madness, Ananya’s future will not be ruined.

Nityam says he has to deal with the meeting that called him a capitalist. He says he will launch the app and not negotiate with car drivers. He asks the employees to get back to work. Himesh asks him to read the letters of the investors who are not ready to invest until they get the support of the auto rickshaw. Nityam says how can this happen? Kiran says without their support, we can’t launch the app.

Nutan comes to Vedika’s house and apologizes on Saavi’s behalf. Vedika asks her not to take the blame on Saavi and tells her that a lot is happening in Nityam’s life and Raksham is missing. She says he gave her a good education but she can’t make it. He asks Nutan not to blame himself. Saavi comes there and says you both think I did wrong. She says she can’t agree with Nityam always and if she does then her own voice will be choked. She says I will lose my identity. She says its not a fight between rickshaw drivers but fight for my place in this marriage. She says I have to do something I thought so that this situation doesn’t happen again. She goes. Vedika smiles. Nutan says you are smiling. Vedika says you didn’t understand what deep thought she had said. Nutan says but. Vedika says ok, she is wrong and we will not hear her. He hugs her and begs her to understand. Nutan smiles.

Kalpesh challenges auto drivers and says he wants to make us his slaves and wants to give us fixed salary. He says we won’t rest until Dalmia Industries is closed. Saavi comes there. Kalpesh says you came. Saavi says yes, I came, hurting both my mothers and upsetting my husband. She says that she has come to bring out the middle solution to their problem. Razzak disagrees. Saavi says if you protest against Dalmias then how many days you will protest. Then we will struggle to earn money. She says if you don’t agree to his project then he will make sure that their rickshaw can’t be on the road and says I am saying this as I am his wife. Kalpesh says they are threatening us. Saavi says he is not threatening them and tells them that they can negotiate with Mr. Dalmia. Kalpesh says they will not waste time and leaves. Razzak asks Saavi if you think Mr. Dalmia will agree. Saavi says I will try my best.

She comes and sits on the tree where there is a temple and asks me why I stumble at every step. Kiran calls her and says I called to tell you something. He tells about the condition of the investors that he will withdraw their investment if the auto rickshaw does not support us. Saavi asks why are you telling me as I am with auto drivers. Kiran says when you and Nityam are together then he is a good boss and says he is doing this for that greed. Saavi ends the call.

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