Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik Host Surprise

Back to Ken Jennings Danger! hosting duties earlier than expected, as Mayim Bialik is temporarily stepping down in support of the ongoing writers’ strike.

According to the Twitter account, it’s Ken Jennings Hosting! This week?, the GOAT champ ‘will return to host all-new syndicated episodes of Danger! starting Monday, July 3″ and “will continue to host daily episodes until the end of season 39 on July 28.”

This surprisingly early return by Jennings comes as Bialik backs down to support the WGA writers’ strike, as Danger! is a WGA show and features contributions from WGA writers, although the questions were written before the season and the strike begins. Danger! Writers such as Michele Loud, Jim Rhine and Billy Wisse also joined the picket line.

Some fans were excited about Jennings’ early return, with writing a Twitter user“GREAT! I get to watch 25 glorious days of new episodes with the fabulous Ken Jennings (who should be the full-time host FULL-TIME!). I’ve been on a no Jeopardy binge, but I’ll be looking forward to July 3rd!”

“Had to stop watching until Ken comes back,” added another, while one person tweeted“The show is so much better when he’s hosting.”

Not everyone is on board with the decision though, with one fan writing: “I’m a Ken fan but very disappointed he’s going to cross the picket line. Without their great writers Danger it would just be 4 smart people walking out on a stage.”

While the Bialik vs. Jennings debate continues, recently Danger! champion Holly Hassel weighed in, coming to his defense The Big Bang Theory alum.

Holly Hassel in danger!

Jeopardy, Inc

“I think Mayim is an excellent host. I read Reddit and Twitter. I think a lot of it is mean and misogynistic,” Hassel said The US Sun. “I think she’s very poised, confident and confident, and I love that she brings lightness.”

Hassel added: “He seems to have fun every time he hosts. “People hate that he pauses a little more than Ken or that he laughs. But she’s having fun and that’s the game. The game should be fun! I love that they’re having fun.”

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