Dheere Dheere Se 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Dheere Dheere Se 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Bhawna telling Vidya that the wounds on her beautiful face and body will be healed but how will the wounds of your heart be healed. She says I don’t have any salve for her heart wounds and says one thing can cure her and asks her to tell her everything she is hiding. She says I will not ask you who did this as I know about it and asks her to tell who did this. She says we are not born from same mother and says we went to same sasural after marriage and had same saas and asks him to tell truth because of this. Vidya ugly cries. Aanchal is waiting for Bhawna and thinks where did mother go? Bhanu hears and thinks if she left with husband Bhagoran. Vidya tells Bhawna that Amit… Raghav comes there and hears her. Vidya tells Bhawna that Amit beat her with the hunter and kicked her. Raghav thinks he will not speak now. Bhawna says I can’t believe even in my dreams that Amit Bhaiyya can do this and says this is the result of your silence. She says you might have thought his mood was down when he raised his hand on you for the first time and asks why you remained silent when he spanked you for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time -the time etc. Vidya says she kept quiet because she knows what life would be like without a husband. She says Amit asked where I will go. She says I saw your condition and says there is no respect for woman and her daughter in husbandless family. She says she was silent thinking about Aarushi and says that the latter respects her father a lot. Bhawna asks why she remained silent thinking about Aarushi. She asks if Aarushi won’t get hurt seeing your condition and tells her that Amit will raise his hand on Aarushi too. Raghav says Bhawna ji is saying good and says he is saying this like a brother and says if she kept quiet again then she will not get chance to come to hospital. He says your silence may prove fatal for you and tells what will happen to your daughter then.

Bhawna says we will talk to Amit and he will know that you are not alone. Vidya says no. Vidya’s mother comes there and tells Vidya that she is a married woman and tells her that her husband will be fine, and says that her house will be fine and her sindoor will be on her maang. Bhawna asks are you afraid she will come to your house, asks can you see sindoor in her maang and says it is mixed in blood and flew. She says we are taught from childhood that husbands are like God but if they deserve they should be like Ram. She asks why only the woman fasts and asks if there is any fast that a man keeps for his wife. She asks why the parents don’t tell their daughter that if she has any problem then she can come to them as her parents are there. Vidya’s mother asks what people will say if she comes back. Bhawna says what people will say, they will come to her teervi and ask you to make soft puris. Vidya’s mother says no. Amit calls her. Vidya’s mother gets tensed. Bhawna says she will talk to Amit. Vidya curses her and asks her not to talk to her. She tells him that Amit apologized after that. Amit sees bandages in the trash and gets tensed. Vidya emotionally blackmails her not to talk to him. Vidya’s mother takes the call and comes out. Bhanu asks Aanchal about Bhawna and tells her that the situation is bad outside. He gives his phone to talk to Bhawna. Aanchal calls Bhawna from Bhanu’s phone. Bhawna tells him that she is at JS city hospital as Master ji was not well. Bhanu thinks why did he go there?

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