Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vishaka’s behavior surprises Prachi

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The episode starts with Prachi asking the driver to stop the car. Ranbir opens his eyes and sees Prachi standing in front of his car. He gets down and comes to him. Prachi smiles and looks at him. Song sings……They hold each other’s cheek and hug. Tu thodi der plays….He says you came to me, I will not let you go anywhere now, we will stay together. Prachi asks him to take her to his house. Ranbir says I came to get you, marry you and asks her to come with him. It turns out to be his imagination (as always). He thinks Prachi didn’t come, she is not mine now, she has become someone else’s. He says why didn’t he come? Take wine and drink.

Prachi also imagines Ranbir, gets out of the car and goes to the guy, but it turns out to be someone else. Akshay is surprised and comes to him, asking what happened to her. Prachi says I felt and her eyes are teary. Vishaka and Ashok come there in car. Ashok asks what happened? Akshay says the car stopped working. Ashok asks them to come home. Vishaka says he will make arrangements to welcome them. Akshay wants to call his love guru Ranbir to get to know Prachi better. Prachi sits in the car and thinks she was waiting for Ranbir, but he didn’t come and separated them forever. Ranbir sits on the bench and drinks. He says wherever I go, it is dark as you left me. He says it was Prachi and my moon, we might be far but he used to talk through you and says now there is no moon as Prachi and Ranbir are separated. He says Prachi and Ranbir are separated and says now there will be no moon, now we are not connected to talk to you. He feels the pain of separation.

Abhay puts the flower petals on the road. Vishaka asks what is he doing? Akshay’s mother says she keeps the flowers on the road. Divya and the other girl tease Abhay saying that he made this arrangement for a girl, who accepted the other guy’s proposal. Vishaka shouts calling Sangeeta and asks her to pick the flowers from the road. She explains them about grah pravesh rasam and says she doesn’t want anyone’s interference in rasams. Prachi and Akshay come home. Vishaka asks them to stop and says first your aarti will end. She stops his mother and says a mother does this ritual but I have raised Akshay since childhood so this is my right. Ashok says yes Didi. Akshay’s mother says lakshmi will be welcome no matter who gets her. Vishaka does his tilak and aarti.

She explains how to do grah pravesh and says she doesn’t want Jodi to be wrong if the ritual goes wrong. Prachi remembers Ranbir and grah pravesh rasam, when they got married. A fb is shown, Ranbir is doing his aarti seeing them in the mirror. She asks for kumkum thaali. Ranbir says he was there but. He puts dust on the road, but it’s over. Prachi says its fine and tells her that she will keep his legs with hers. Ranbir picked her up and entered. Prachi says there will be no compromise with rituals. Ranbir says our relationship is made with love and says they will always be Pranbir. Fb ends. Vishaka asks Prachi to enter the house as she said when Prachi doesn’t listen. Vishaka shouts at her asking her to come. Prachi looks shocked and looks at Akshay.

Shahana brings milk for Dadi. Dadi says she is feeling a lot of pain and it looks like her body has become lifeless and half of her body has gone with Prachi. Shahana hugs her and cries. He asks her not to cry and says everything is fine. Tadi says yes but I feel weird. Shahana says you say whatever happens is for good. Dadi says Prachi will take her daughter and she will live her life happily. She asks what to do? Shahana asks her to be happy. Daddy is crying.

Shahana says I thought Ranbir will come here and marry Prachi, but he married Rhea there. Aksahy asks Vishaka, why is she upset? Vishaka says I said loudly as Prachi is not here though she is present here and looks worried. Akshay says no. Vishaka asks her to ask Prachi if she is worried or not. Divya says she had left home. Vishaka says I know but that doesn’t mean she will be worried here and says whatever she left behind is behind and says her full focus will be here.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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