Kumkum Bhagya 20 June 2023 Episode Written Update: Prachi messes up with Grah Pravesh’s ritual

Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Vishaka asking Prachi to listen carefully and do what she says. She asks him to hit the kalash with his right toe and then keep his feet in the Kumkum thaali and enter the house. She then asks Akshay to keep his feet on Prachi’s prints. Akshay says I have not heard this ritual before. Vishaka says you are children and says if the groom walks in following the footsteps of the bride, then God blesses them to be together always. Prachi thinks about Ranbir’s words that they entered home together and their Jodi is fixed. Akshay’s mother asks Prachi to come inside and asks them to consider her family and consider her as her mother. Prachi is absorbed in Ranbir’s thoughts and hits the kalash with her left foot and keeps her foot on the kumkum thaal. Vishaka stops her and asks what did you do, where is your mind and says you hit the kalash with your left foot. Akshay’s mother says to let it go and says that Prachi did it by mistake. She says she is already sitting in kumkum thaali and it is not right to keep the bag on her legs. Prachi walks behind shocking Vishaka. Ashok tells Vishaka that if she had refused this marriage, then he would have begged her to marry his son. He says Prachi is more important to me than my son and this rasam. Vishaka says if you all have decided that this rasams is of no use then let her come as she wants. Akshay’s sister keeps the kalash pot again. Prachi kicks the kalash pot with her right foot. Vishaka asks Akshay to come in, following Prachi’s footsteps. Akshay walks inside.

Ranbir reaches for his wine bottle and gets it. He steps on the stick and falls down, calls out Prachi’s name. Prachi hears him and turns her face. Ranbir says if Prachi was here then she would have supported me and lifted me up but she left from my side. He says my love for her is so sincere that my heart does not beat as if someone took my life away from me. He says she also loves me a lot, then why did she leave me? He says he was cursed by Rhea, she cursed me from her heart, that I will not get my love. He says my love is also taken away and says Rhea gave me a bad curse and says why Prachi left me. He is crying.

Rhea sits in her room and takes the pitcher of water. He pours water on his head and cries. Aaliya comes there and asks what are you doing? Rhea asks, don’t you see, your Rhea is burning. Aaliya says Rhea. Rhea says you can’t understand and says you can’t understand what’s burning? She says Prachi snatched everything from me and burnt everything. She says Prachi suffocated my dreams and burnt my identity. She says I was good to everyone, Ranbir and his family and she thought that good thing will happen to me, I was wrong. She says when I will burn then no one will be saved. She says I swear I will burn this house and everything related to it. Aliya smiles. Rhea takes the lighter and lights it. Pallavi comes there.

Vishaka and others see Prachi returning. Akshay’s mom asks if you are waiting for someone. Prachi remembers Ranbir’s words and says no. Akshay’s mother then says why are you looking back. Vishaka says your bahu is not in himself and your son… what he is doing is not understandable. She says your son couldn’t keep his leg on Prachi’s impressions. Divya says you call Akshay as your son always and because he is wrong, you call him Mami ji’s son. Akshay asks Vishaka to relax and tells him that all the marriage rituals went beautifully and the marriage happened. Abhay says smoothly. Akshay says I did whatever Pandit ji said. Then he tries to cheer up Vishaka and says I love you. Vishaka says he knows me well.

Abhay asks her to tell the solution for the mistake. Divya asks him to give a solution. Vishaka says you said again. She asks Akshay and Prachi to fold their hands in front of God and apologize. Manpreet asks Prachi to fold her hands and tells her that he will always be with her. Mihika calls Divya and says I am late and she knows Bhai and Bhabhi have come home. She says don’t let them go to their wedding room and says they have to do some touch ups in their room. Divya calls Akshay. Akshay asks Mihika to come back to Canada and says she doesn’t need you now as the marriage has happened? Mihika asks what is my mistake and says driver left so she is coming from cab. She asks if Bua is near there and asks her to wait for hr then send them to their room only. Vishaka says I heard but I will not stop. She says Mihika is great not to attend the wedding and you are great to think that I will stop the ritual. She says Rasam will not stop for anyone. She asks Sangeeta to bring a bowl of milk with flower petals for the ring finding ceremony.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that Rhea is checking the lighter, whether it has petrol or not. Pallavi says I heard everything and says she is with Rhea. She says she will never accept Prachi as her bahu. Rhea says it doesn’t matter if you accept Prachi or not and asks her to marry Ranbir or else kill her with her hands. Pallavi promises to marry her to Ranbir. Aliya smiles.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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