Parineeti 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dai maa says Pari will come out of this hospital after abortion. Ward boy says abortion.. Sanju passes by. He stops and walks away. The guard says none of you should be there. Dai maa say everything is ready from my side. Salojna says I will control the family. Rakesh comes to Pari’s mother. His mother is there. Rakesh says what are you doing here? She says Pari needs care. Pari says Neeti is here, I am much better. You can leave. She says I know you are not comfortable. I really like you. Rakesh says let her rest. He asks Pari to rest and leaves. Pari wonders where is Neeti. Rakesh asks his mother to leave. She says I will not go anywhere. I don’t want anything to happen to your child. Because of you, this child only your father agreed. He didn’t like Pari. i want this baby He says you are going home everything will be fine. She leave. Rakesh asks Jai to pick up his mother on the way. Jai say what your mother say? Rakesh says don’t ask to kill, just kidnap her.

Sanju imagines that he is with Pari. She says I am leaving you forever. Sanju says you can’t do that. He becomes sad. Sanju said I will never let you go. Sanju asks when Mahesh will be released? He tells the nurse that I want to use Mahesh’s laptop. Mahesh comes there and says I can’t give you password. I’ll be free in 10 minutes. Chandrika and Pam go home. The service stops the elevator. Pami and Chandrika reach the basement. They are shocked. Chandrika puts the phone down. They are shocked and scared to see so many patients there. Chandrika says this is such a strange place. Pami says something is wrong. The Guardian brings them back to life. Pami feels uncomfortable.

Scene 2
Neeti is locked in the room. She says Sanju will not let Rakesh marry Pari if he finds out that they locked me here. I can’t call him. She jumps out the window. Her conscience says that your whole life would be destroyed. Pari says I will not let anything happen to Pari. I am so confused. Pari thinks about Neeti. She tries to get up. Rakess asks Paari are you better now? She says mami ji. Rakesh says he went home. He cares a lot about you. Jai will throw it away. Rakesh’s mother is outside. He slaps Jai. Rakesh asks what is happening. She says Jai said dad called me home but he didn’t. what do you both do Rakesh doesn’t say anything. Dai maa goes to Pari’s room. She says you are Pari right? You are so pretty. Let me check on you. She tells Pari is pain better? Pari says yes. Dai maa say I will give you an injection. Pari says but doctor… She says doctor asked me to give you this injection. Dai maa gives Pari the injection. Par say what did you give me?

Neeti jumps from the window.

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