Kumkum Bhagya 21st June 2023 Episode Written Update: Ranbir saves Mihika from sgargi

Kumkum Bhagya 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pallavi promising Rhea that she will marry her to Ranbir. Aaliya asks how will you do it as Ranbir is married to Prachi now. Pallavi says who accepts this marriage and says she will not repeat the same mistake and says she will throw Prachi out and keep Ranbir with Rhea. She says I promise and hugs Rhea. Rhea smiles triumphantly.

Akshay’s mother asks Prachi if she understood the rasam. Vishaka says they have to find milk ring. Divya and her sister say they will be on Bhabhi’s side. Vishaka asks if you both are ready. Akshay asks why are you scaring us, when we go to war. Vishaka says now you will know the rate of flour and vegetables. Prachi recalls playing the ring finder ritual with Ranbir and is shown a fb. Ranbir says he will win. Prachi gets the ring for the first time. Ranbir says three chances. Prachi welcomes him again and says she will rule on him. Ranbir says he will always be with her and says it’s a win-win situation. He kisses her cheeks and asks her to kiss him. She asks him to leave her. He gets angry and says I will go and kisses me looking in the mirror. Prachi says you got angry, how to convince yourself. She blows out the candles and turns it on. Then she comes close to him and holds her forehead on his forehead and his tilak is applied on her forehead. Fb ends. Akshay finds the ring. Divya asks Prachi if she is set to make Bhai win. Manpreet says Prachi didn’t keep her hand in the bowl and Akshay took the ring and says they will play it again. Akshay says he is right. Manpreet says she is Prachi’s mother now. Ashok says he is with his son. Akshay misses Mihika. Mihika asks the driver to drive fast.

Suddenly the car stops and the driver gets out to change the tire. Mihika sees Ranbir drinking on the roadside, but doesn’t see his face. He sees the car coming and calls for the lift. She sees the bikers, who tease her and ask her to sit on their bike. The taxi driver is about to call the Police when the bikers throw his phone and it falls next to Ranbir. Ranbir says he couldn’t drink quietly. The goon holds Mihika’s hand and tells her that they will go to the same place as they will be together. Mihika shouts for help. Ranbir throws a wine bottle at the madman’s head. Then he approaches and beats the goons. Mihika tells Ranbir that the madman is holding her hand. Ranbir asks her to slap him. Mihika slaps him. Ranbir asks him to slap the goon hard. He slaps him. Mihika asks if he is their boss as she heard them talking that the boss needs to sit somewhere and drink. Ranbir says I am not boss, I drank like Prac… Then he stops and says if I was boss then he would have kidnapped you. The driver throws the stick at Ranbir. Ranbir takes it and hits them. Then he sits on the bike and tells the boys that the girl is his wife. He hits them with his bike and comes to Mihika asking if she is fine. The goons get back on the bike and cycle around them.

Divya and another girl asks Prachi to win. Manpreet says Prachi won. Vishaka asks them to do rasam. Akshay finds the ring and gives it to Prachi. Vishaka asks Akshay to look for him this time. They start looking again. Even this time Akshay gives a ring in Prachi’s hand. Vishaka realizes and asks Akshay to come to her. She pulls his ear and says you made her win on purpose and you lost. He says my victory lies in my wife’s victory. Abhay says exactly. Vishaka says he became joru ka ghulam like his father. She says he had become joru ka ghulam which proved costly for him. Manpreet is about to leave. Vishaka asks Manpreet to take Prachi to her room. Divya and the girl say they will take Bhabhi. Ashok calls Mihika.

Vishaka asks Akshay not to be joru ka ghulam but to be a man. Abhay asks Akshay who was that guy who sat on the mandap instead of you. Ranbir tells the bikers that he is tired and asks them to go. The goons leave from there then come back and hit Ranbir’s head with brick and leave. Mihika thinks to take him home as he was calling her his wife.

Divya and the girl take Prachi to the room. They say Mihika wanted to decorate the room with orchids. She says they decorated the room. She says Mihika is coming and that is enough. I ask Prachi to sit on the bench and cover her head with the veil. Prachi is sitting on the bed covering her head. Akshay comes there. The girls ask him to give her nek. Manpreet says he is sister’s nephew and asks her to change it she will call him Bua. He says I thought you will support me. Manpreet says I have another daughter now. Akshay says he is feeling sleepy. The girls tease him. Manpreet asks her to give them nek and go to the bride.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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