Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi and Akshay’s Marriage Didn’t Happen

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Manpreet asking the girls not to tease his brother and asking Akshay to give nek to his sister. Divya asks him to sleep in the guest room. Akshay agrees to give them nek. Divya takes her wallet and teases him. Manpreet says don’t tease him. Divya says we have only one chance to tease him and asks him to go inside and sleep now. Akshay comes and sits on the bed. Prachi lifts her veil. He asks if I brought you something to eat. Prachi says no. Akshay asks her, why didn’t you do grah pravesh rasam properly. She says I told you about Bua and says she believes these rituals and rasams, actually I have to act in front of mom that I am very tired. He says newly weds must do these rituals. Prachi says I know but how would I do as this marriage is not real and we are not husband and wife so how to do the rituals. Akshay asks how can you be emotional about everything. He says when we got married, you stopped it midway, took me to room and said. A fb is shown, Prachi tells Akshay that she feels like he is using it to take her daughter. Akshay says there is no confusion he just loves and respects her but she doesn’t get it. He says when I propose you then it doesn’t mean I want to make you wife but the reason was Khushi and I was just helping you get her. Prachi says I can’t become your wife as I still have feelings for my husband and I am still his in body and soul. Akshay says I want to see you happy and my life goal is to see you happy. He says he enjoys it when people address him as her husband. He says let’s become friends first and then we will end a fake marriage. He says we will not take all rounds, I will not fill your maang with sindoor and make you wear mangalsutra. Prachi says but we will be husband and wife in front of everyone. Fb ends.

Akshay says we didn’t take rounds and I was counting if the rounds will complete by mistake and that’s why I stopped the rounds when 5 rounds were completed. Prachi says that is why you said. He says I didn’t make you wear mangalsutra. Prachi says I wore it when you stuck it in my necklace. He says when I took sindoor in my hand, you filled sindoor in your maang while I just held it. Prachi says when she could not do this marriage then how can she do rasams. She says she did all this for Khushi and she can’t live without my daughter. Akshay says I understand. Prachi says you stopped your life for me so that a mother can meet her daughter and says I can never return your favour, I mean it. Akshay says friendship is friendship and there are no thanks, apologies or any favors. He says we both are one and only and our friendship is also one and only. He extended his hand for a handshake. Prachi holds his hand. Akshay has tears in his eyes and says they got emotional. Prachi says ok fine and talks about Khushi, says she is her life. Akshay says that is why I am making a big sacrifice. He says I will call Mihika and finds her phone switched off.

The taxi driver drops Mihika at Tandon’s house and says that the house is well decorated. She says she told her about Bhai’s marriage and takes Ranbir inside with his help. Akshay asks if they can use the toilet. Prachi says it is your room and your toilet. Akshay goes to the toilet. Prachi calls Neeti, Ranbir’s assistant, and asks if Ranbir has reached home. Neeti congratulated her on her marriage and says she didn’t reach home. Prachi asks her not to tell Ranbir or anyone at home that she called. Mihika is about to ring the door. Prachi feels Ranbir’s presence. The driver tells Mihika that the hero’s phone is ringing. He says he saved you. Prachi called Mihika. Mihika is about to take the call but the call is ended. The driver asks him to take him to the room.

Prachi says if Ranbir knows I am thinking about him then he will come here. She says she will come here as he is Ranbir and will not see the time or the situation as he is Ranbir and he is crazy. She says that she cares for him and loves him a lot, because she really loves him and can’t be without him. She says she will know that when she was getting married, what I was feeling, my heart was broken and she won’t know that I love him a lot and says our love has no end, he is in soul and can’t be erased. She says Ranbir is not with me as he is from Rhea officially and legally. She says that’s why I won’t think about him, because he is Rhea’s. She says she won’t feel him near her. Mihika takes Ranbir inside with the help of Driver and looks at Prachi sitting on the bed. Then he goes with Ranbir and driver. Prachi senses his presence and turns but does not see him. Prachi opens the door and looks outside. She comes outside but does not see the driver and Mihika taking Ranbir from there. Prachi starts walking. Akshay comes there and asks if she needs anything. She says no and goes to the room.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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