Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sandeep breaks alliance

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Yuvraj giving drinks. He says I have sent the location, make sure it comes on time. Ram comes with Shard. His cousins ​​ask him to do shots. Ram and Shard refuse. The boys insist and force Ram to drink. Aries drinks. He says it’s not a fruit punch, it tastes like a mixer. Shard says yes, it smells weird. Yuvraj says the fruit punch smells like this. Shard says there is something mixed in this, don’t feed Ram. They don’t listen. They say there should be some dancing. The girls enter. Ram’s cousins ​​dance with them.

Garv says no more calls today. He keeps the phone away. Shard says mom will beat us if she knows about girls. Aries dances with the girls. Shreya looks. Yuvraj stops Shard. Shreya calls Sandeep. She says I took this phone on the way, I called the last number dialed. Sandeep says it is my son-in-law’s phone. She asks if you can come to this address. He says sure send it to me.

She asks you when you will come. He says half an hour. She says no, I can’t wait, I will leave her with the office guard. He says Ram is tensed, I will go to get his phone. She gives the phone to the security guard and says no one should know about this or you will lose your job. Kriti asks if Sandeep is coming. Shreya says yes he will come, you go meet Ram. Kriti says I know how to get his attention. Shreya says her best and leaves. Sandeep comes there. Here comes Kriti. The shard asks what you are doing here. Ram asks are you ok. Shard says there is a bachelor party going on. Kriti says it is hard for me to believe that Ram is marrying someone else, I thought to spend some moments with my boyfriend, so I came. Shard says you are sad but there are many people here, if Shalini knows then it will be bad, go. Kriti says please give me 5 minutes. Ram says give us 5 minutes. Shard says ok take care of Ram. Kriti asks are you fine. Ram says yes. Sandeep gets call from guard and says I will return Ram to Kapoor mansion. Shreya Guard Messages. Shreya texts Kriti. Kriti asks Ram to have something to drink. Ram says my head is buzzing, I can’t drink. She says we will not get this chance again, I deserve this. He makes Ram drink. Here comes Sandeep. Kriti signs to Ram’s cousins. Everyone shouts Ram Kapoor… Sandeep goes to see. He sees Ram drinking. Kriti asks Ram to stop. Ram hugs her. Sandeep gets angry. He thinks no, I can’t let Priya marry a wrong man. He comes in. Shard worries.

He stops the music. Sandeep gives the phone to Ram. He says I came to return this, I thought you will be worried, a girl found this on the road, maybe God sent her to save my daughter, I knew I did a big mistake, I am giving it to my daughter. an irresponsible man. The shard says no. Sandeep says look Ram, this relationship is over. Shard says no listen to me, I will talk to Ram. She asks Ram to explain to uncle, he cancels the marriage. Ram asks who, what. Sandeep was scolding Ram. Yuvraj looked.

Shard begs Sandeep. Aries faints. Sand leaves. Shard asks someone to fetch water. He asks Ram to get up. Kriti says sorry, I thought it was a fake marriage, I didn’t know Priya’s father will come here. Shard says please, we will discuss this later. Sandeep comes home and calls Priya. He says Priya, you will not marry Ram, I saw Ram’s real face, he was drunk and dancing with that girl. He gets hyper. Priya gets worried. Sandeep and Anju argue. He says Kriti was with Ram, you told about their affair. Priya thinks Ram always creates trouble, it doesn’t make sense. She says Kriti is just Ram’s friend, I trust him. He says really, you trusted Yuvraj too, he ran away, you say you trust Ram.

Kriti says I will tell everyone that I love Ram. She goes to tell Shalini.

Credit update to: Amena

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