Kundali Bhagya 15th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Rajveer and Shaurya start fighting

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Nidhi and her friend follow the fireman who starts looking at the house and when he turns around he explains that they said there was a fire in this house but he can’t see anything, Nidhi makes an excuse saying that in -it’s true there was a fire here, but someone. it could have been over so he can leave as there is no need for him, the contract killer sneaks up on the fireman from behind and hits him from behind, he is still shocked to see that Palki is coming with Bani Dadi.

Nidhi and her friend are shocked so she explains that it’s nothing as they feel, she however turns around and sees that no one is there so she asks Bani Dadi what he is doing with this girl, Bani Dadi reveals that she doesn’t she was feeling good because of the smoke so Palki was taking her to the room, the contract killer comes disguised as a fireman and asks if he can leave as there is no fire here. Nidhi sends him away so Palki also leaves with Bani Dadi, Nidhi points to the corner of the pillar where the fireman is unconscious.

The firemen spot the fire, they pass by Karan but then one of them sees Preeta so they start spotting the smoke around the room to save Preeta, the leader comes to them asking if everything is clear, he is informed that a lady. is trapped here so he rushes to help her, the leader asks his associates to bring a stretcher while he will call the doctor.

Karan slowly wakes up in the kitchen, he sees Preeta leaning against the pillar and she is still unconscious, Karan turns towards Preeta trying his best to reach her but he has no strength so he falls again. Karan starts breathing heavily.

The firemen rush in asking for a stretcher when the whole family asks what happened, he announces that he found a lady inside and so he asked for the doctor to come. An upset Nidhi thinks this lady is Preeta, Rakhi also asks for the lady’s name but the leader informs that he doesn’t know anything about her, Rakhi insists on going inside as she asks everyone to stay back as she is not safe, Rishab mentions that the firemen are not -they can stop them from entering because this is their house so they want to see who the lady is, the firemen say they do it for their own safety as well. Nidhi thinks that if everyone sees Preeta then it would ruin everything for her, she thinks that the killer hired by Rao would take some time to end Preeta’s life, Nidhi thinks that she can cause a fight between Rajveer and Shaurya as her plan would then be accomplished, she goes to Shaurya explaining how they should both enter as the police inspector is not doing anything. Rajveer thinks he has to do something, so after thinking for a while, he manages to run away, so the entire Luthra family follows, seeing Nidhi and her friend relieved.

The fire leader enters praising them for doing so well the fire is under control, the hired gun seeing the opportunity rushes to check if it’s the same girl and thinking how Nidhi advised him to make it look like it was. an accident. The leader comes to ask what he is doing, but then one of them comes from behind informing that there is also an unconscious person in the kitchen, the leader notices that something is wrong so he goes back asking for an ID, hearing this person runs away so he the firemen start chasing him.

Rajveer runs away when Shaurya while chasing him is about to hit him with a vase, Rishab manages to stop Shaurya, manages to catch Rajveer pushing Shaurya, Nidhi wonders how dare he Rajveer to push her son, she asks the police inspector to hold him properly. Shaurya tries to fight with Rajveer, Rishab tries his best to break them up but fails to do anything, Mahesh pushes them angrily, Rajveer explains that Mahesh is the big father of this house so if he said he has to stop , nothing should stop. happens, Mahesh agrees with Rajveer, but says that they both seem unconcerned, asking if it is right for them to fight like animals. Mahesh normally mentions that when children are fighting then elders should not interfere, however if things get out of control then they have to stop them. Mahesh asks what happened that led to their fight to reach such an extreme level, Mahesh asks Rajveer why he came to their house as he doesn’t look like a waiter, Mahesh explains that there is definitely something which Rajveer is hiding from everyone, Mahesh says that everyone wants to know the reason why both Rajveer and Shaurya became enemies, Mahesh demands the truth as today they will end this fight, Rajveer agrees to tell everything assuring that would be the truth, including everything that has happened so far. Shaurya says Rajveer shouldn’t lie here, Rajveer replies that he doesn’t lie like him, Rishab stops Shaurya to mention that dad intervened, so he would manage to sort everything out. Mahesh, angrily turning to Rajveer, asks him to tell the truth.

Palki helps Bani Dadi into the room asking her to sit, she pours a glass of water for Bani Dadi assuring that she will be fine, Palki asks where is the kitchen, Bani Dadi says if Palki would she also brings food, Palki replies that dadi money would feel good after drinking warm water. Palki explains that she will cover her with the blanket as she came from such a hot place and then she might get sick. Bani Dadi starts thinking about Preeta, thinking that Palki is just like Preeta and has the same mannerisms. Palki asks Dadi why she is so tensed, bani Dadi replies that she remembered someone, but she is unable to tell anything to Palki, she leaves to go to the kitchen.

Preeta tries to get up but falls on the floor again, Karan is also lying in the kitchen and both of them are not moving at all.

The firemen chase after the contract killer, but one of them falls, seeing the opportunity the person manages to hide in the van parked in front of the Luthra mansion, however the fire leader orders his men to search for him.

Rajveer mentions that they all want to arrest him but they don’t see that Shaurya is perfectly fine and was actually beating him, Shaurya explains that Rajveer is complaining about him, Rajveer angrily replies that he would beat Shaurya after which Mahesh will feel bad , Mahesh says then Rajveer should act like a big brother and forget whatever Shaurya did to him. Rishab asks Mahesh not to stress as they both will surely solve their problem. Shaurya says they all find a way to humiliate him.

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