Sapno Ki Chhalaang 15th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Radhika comes to know about Radhe’s illness

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 15th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhika ordering dal rice. She talks to Preeti. She asks him to take care and not to worry. Suman calls Radhika. Radhika says so much happened with Preeti, I mean she got sick. Suman asks what happened, tell me. Radhika tells him everything. Suman says you should have told me that you are single. Radhika says we are four girls. Suman says you four are alone, what will you do if Baldev brings his friends home. Radhika says she can’t enter the house, I explained the guard. Jazz and Vaishali talk about Preeti. Sree comes and argues with Jazz. Preeti comes to them. Jazz gets upset and leaves. Preeti finds Sree and Vaishali arguing. Sree says my house, my rules, you have Jazz here, ask her to go, you go too. Vaishali gets sad and goes to her room. Preeti says you can’t tell this to Vaishali. Sree asks why she became Jazz’s Vaishali. Radhika hears the girls gossiping about her. She says you are gossiping about me, you can ask me and know the truth. She says I did not impress Rajesh using my charm, I did everything on my own, and Kartik will follow you if you do well. The girls laugh and say you’re not bad, you’re cool. Radhika laughs.

Veer says we have to meet the Japanese team, I coordinate all of you, you have to do all the work, Priyal is in Japan, don’t tell me she didn’t tell you. Radhika says she has mailed the task list. Veer says your project is selected, you will conduct the presentation. Kartik says Radhika will play a big drama. Anisha says Radhika, get ready to flirt, Kartik thinks you are perfect. They laugh at Kartik. Radhika says talent is not everything for a woman, you have to show charm too. She’s joking.

Radhe is brought home injured. Jairam asks how did this happen. Lucky calls the doctor. He says Radhe fainted and fell, fell down. Lavi says call Radhika and show her the status. Suman asks him to stop. They frequent Radhe. Radhika comes and shares the good news with Sree. She asks what happened. Sree says well done, congratulations. Preeti says this happened because of me. Radhika says I have an idea. The doctor checks Radhe. He asks Radhe to take care of his diet. He gives the prescription and leaves. Suman says I will call Radhika. Radhe says no, no need to call her and talk about me. Radhika says Preeti… come quickly. Sree and Vaishali come to Preeti and ask what happened. Radhika says Preeti and I prepared these cheese toasties. She asks Sree and Vaishali to have it. Sree says you scared us. Vaishali is talking nonsense. Radhika asks them to have it. She says we will finish this. Yaro dosti… play… They eat the snacks. Jazz looked. Reena calls Radhika and says that Radhe fainted and fell down, hurt herself, she has no food. Radhika asks what. Reena says I am worried that dad may know about me and Anshuman. Radhika gets worried. Everyone is asking what happened. Radhika calls Lucky. She asks what happened to dad, why didn’t he eat food, mom didn’t tell me anything about it. He says that he did not agree, that he was sorry for your words. She asks what the doctor said. He says the doctor prescribed the medicine. She says someone would have told me. He says he asked us not to tell you, who told you. She says Reena told me, dad is so angry that he doesn’t want to tell me anything. She is crying. He says calm down, everything is fine, take care. Preeti consoles Radhika. Vaishali cries. She says I will make tea. Sree asks why are you crying. Radhika says dad went to eat, mom said she will take care of it, I wouldn’t have known this if Reena didn’t tell me.

Radhika asks Radhe to talk to her. Radhe ends the call. She says I have to meet Radhe.

Credit update to: Amena

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