Kundali Bhagya 17th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Rakhi hears Nidhi talking about Preeta

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Karan manages to get up trying to go to Preeta, however he falls and lands right in front of her, Karan starts calling Preeta asking her to open her eyes, he explains that he can’t leave him like this exclaiming that he has already spent all these years without her. but he wouldn’t spend another moment alone, he vows to spend the rest of his life with her, so she has to open her eyes. Preeta doesn’t answer at all as he constantly asks her to answer and not cheat on him, he explains if she leaves him again then she will definitely have an emotional breakdown. Karan starts to call Preeta but apologizes for yelling at her once again, promises not to scold her again, assuring that he will always speak politely to her as she really knows him. While coughing, Karan asks for Preeta but she doesn’t answer at all, then he calls her a fourth class doctor, telling her that he is asking her to open her eyes and she won’t listen to him, he keeps asking her to talk with him mentioning that he won’t let her go like this, Karan is unable to stand up and feels immense pain in his body so he falls, Preeta slowly opens her eyes, Karan however is unable to see her too passing out.

Nidhi reaching the corner calls the contract killer, he says she is not even answering his call and explains that he would have left but failed to get a car, Nidhi asks him to shut up asking if he was the one behind everything that happened. outside their house the contract killer says she should have asked about him but instead she is worried about the incident, she wonders if she was able to finish the job when the contract killer says he was just about to finish it when he got caught so he did. to run away, Nidhi explains that he managed to keep the family members busy but he failed to do such a simple job and kill an innocent unconscious woman, the contract killer mentions that he is the only one who would suffer a loss if he wouldn’t be able to complete any work, Nidhi informs that there is another way to enter the house, so she asks him to leave through the back door, she explains that she has to make sure that Preeta doesn’t come back to their lives. Rakhi gets furious hearing this so she angrily throws the phone, Nidhi is stunned.

Palki along with the inspector and Luthra reach the gate where the fireman is unconscious, Palki explains that they will have to give an injection when Rishab explains that he just needs to enter the name of that injection and he will arrange it, Palki writes it down and then requests . them to help her take the person home. Inspector asks everyone to look for that person, Shaurya mentions that they should search inside the house itself, Rajveer explains that he doesn’t know anyone so how would he recognize the intruder, Rishab asks Rajveer to come with him because they will look for him. The intruder.

Rakhi asks Nidhi what she was talking about Preeta but Nidhi denies that she said anything, Rakhi scolds Nidhi mentioning that she herself heard her talking to someone that she doesn’t want Preeta back in her life, Karina explains if Nidhi said that then it must mean she also saw the priestess in this Luthra Mansion and so she was right. Nidhi warns Rakhi never to do this again, mentioning how they all know Shaurya because he reveals that he cares for her and will not tolerate anything like this, Rakhi gets emotional. Nidhi sees her friend walking behind Rakhi and Karina so she then informs them that she was talking to her friend about Preeto who is a member of their club and wants to go to London as Preeto was insisting on coming to this party. Nidhi leaves as Karina turns to Rakhi explaining how she always said she saw Preeta but they didn’t believe her, yet she and Maa saw her with their own eyes. Arohi comes to them mentioning that she has not seen a relationship like both of them in this world, she leaves blessing them.

The contract killer enters the room where there are many bed linens, he thinks that if the fire broke out here then anyone present in this room would surely have died, he enters the room and checking Karan’s pulse he finds that he is alive. , Karan asks him to save his Preeta, but the contract killer says that he should have asked me to save his own life, then begins to strangle Preeta when a log falls on her back, she feels a immense pain. The contract killer again starts choking Preeta, Karan seeing what he is doing slowly takes the wooden stick which is on his left arm and hits the killer with full force, Preeta again falls unconscious, the killer starts. hitting Karan, who is unable to fight back as he doesn’t have that much strength, the contract killer says that he is definitely her love, which is why he saves her even when he has no strength. The killer thinks it’s better to take her to the room with all the bedding, because she will die with the fire.

The contract killer starts pulling Preeta out of the room, Karan tries to hold her hand but he doesn’t have that much strength so he can’t hold it, the killer pulls Preeta.

Nidhi thinks that no one can even talk in this house as everyone is ready to ask questions, she calls the contract killer asking if he can enter the house, the killer informs him that he is taking Preeta to the other room in while it’s there. there is a person here who tried to be really smart and he could be her husband, Nidhi says that Karan couldn’t be in the house, the contract killer calls Nidhi who starts scolding him but is shocked when shows him that Karan is too. there in the house Nidhi is shocked.

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