Bhagya Lakshmi 17th June 2023 Updated Written Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Precap: Shalu and Bani hug Lakshmi. Shalu says we are not lying, Cement promise. Rishi and Vikrant hit the punching bag, while Vikrant smiles, Rishi is furious. Dadi asks Pandit ji to have food. Pandit ji says he had food in copper utensils. Lakshmi says I had kept those utensils in the sideboard. Dadi says I will ask Mukesh to take it. Lakshmi says I will go there. Rishi is angry. He sees Lakshmi going to the outhouses. Ahana tells Virender that anything can happen there. Rishi saves Lakshmi.

Episode starts with Kiran asking if Rishi got angry? Shalu says yes, I think so. Malishka says he has become too smart and he doesn’t want her to leave here, it’s all Lakshmi’s planning, she forces him to do this. Kiran says yes but how does he come in her discussions. Shalu says whether this engagement will happen or not. Kiran says Rishi said there is a proof against Vikrant. Malishka says Rishi is lying, if he will give false evidence. Someone comes into the CCTV room. Ayush asks Vikrant to tell his last wish as Rishi will bring the proof. Vikrant asks are you going to kill me. Ayush says today is your last day here and asks her last wish. Vikrant says I want to kill you. Rishi comes back and tells everyone that someone removed the fuse and I kept it. He asks Ayush to take the laptop. Vikrant asks Rishi what is the proof that the girl was with me. Lakshmi thinks why he doesn’t want her to leave here when everyone trusts Vikrant. Rishi thinks he can’t see her getting engaged to the wrong person. Malishka gets angry and thinks to scold them. Ayush brings laptop and plays the recording but there is nothing in the footage. Rishi asks if she will be seen. Ayush says 100 percent. She will be seen sometime. Vikrant is worried that Saloni will be seen on screen now, just for few seconds and thinks Saloni, what have you done? Neelam and Karishma ask how long we have to wait. Rishi asks Vikrant if the shoot is from the same time. Ayush checks and says there is a jump in the footage and says the footage is deleted. Vikrant smiles and thinks it is a miracle. He thinks that now no one can catch me, but how did this miracle happen.

Saloni is coming there and I’m sorry I’m late. She says she went to the temple and the pujari asked her to wait for a special puja. She asks if the engagement took place and I missed it. Anjana says the engagement won’t happen as Rishi is accusing Vikrant of having an affair. Saloni says I can guarantee that dewar ji can’t have any affair and asks if someone made fake evidence. She asks Neelam what is happening in front of her. Anjana says let him do what he wants. Rishi thinks how did the recording get deleted? Saloni asks why is he sweating so much and asks why is it hot in here? She wipes his face and whispers that she deleted the footage. He whispers thank you, my love. Ayush tells Rishi that the footage is deleted for sure. Saloni says when I was coming here, I heard Rishi talking about the shoot. He then thinks about deleting the footage, and for that he goes to remove the fuse to keep everyone busy in the lobby. She says she then went to the CCTV camera and deleted all the footage wherever she was seen. She says now no one can say you met any girl. Vikrant says you will get a gift for this. Saloni says it was my mistake. Vikrant says you saved us.

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