Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nidhi plans to kill Preeta alone

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The contract killer returns the phone to Karan, asking if Nidhi recognizes him, she is shocked to see that Karan is also in the house and wonders how he got there, the killer asks if Karan is Preeta’s husband, Nidhi replies that he is her husband, the killer he explains that it’s really Preeta’s boyfriend who was fighting him, but after beating Karan, Nidhi warns him to stop his comment, Nidhi is shocked to see Karan standing behind the killer, so she ends the call, the killer ask why he always hangs up. Karan hits the killer with all his might as he tends to fall. Nidhi thinks what can she do as Karan is also in the house and if she sees Preeta then she will lose her position in this family, Nidhi thinks she will go and make sure Karan is safe, planning to- they tell him that what he saw was just an illusion and not the truth

Nidhi turns and sees Rishab entering the house with Rajveer, she wonders what is happening outside. Karina also questions Rishab who informs him that Palki asked someone to bring the injection and the fireman would be fine, he even informs them that the inspector suggested that they should not be alone for some time, Karina and Rakhi get worried when he asks them to go. inside and don’t worry, Rishab going to stay aside Nidhi asks him to stay with mom and Karina bua for some time explaining that a lot of inappropriate things are happening in this house. Nidhi angrily leaves so Rishab also leaves as Rajveer follows him.

Raja ends the call by mentioning that he has reached the location, he thinks he must have done something here some time ago.

Karan rushes to Preeta asking her to wake up as she is not safe here, the killer stumbles at first but manages to stand in front of Karan, he angrily takes the metal rod asking how dare he touch Preeta, they both start fighting and keep hitting each other but Karan is cornered and starts breathing heavily, however in the fight the killer manages to push Karan to the ground and starts beating him after standing on top of him , Rishab comes mentioning that he had to hurt himself now. , the contract killer thinks someone is coming so he runs away after hitting Karan who falls, Rishab comes to ask if anyone is there and is shocked to see Karan who just takes the name of Preeta, Rishab mentions that he has come but asks. How did Karan get here, worries asking if anyone is here. Rishab thinks that karan might have come after seeing the fire but he got trapped here, Rishab pulls karan but he doesn’t look back.

Shaurya going with Sandy explains that the person is really smart and should make sure no one leaves this house, Karina looks for Rakhi but fails to find him here, Shaurya also comes with Sandy mentioning that he didn’t find Rakhi nobody here , Shaurya asks Rajveer if they both managed to find anyone, but Rajveer replies that they didn’t so they both leave to continue searching. Karina exclaims that she doesn’t know if they are both fighting or at peace with each other. Nidhi leaves saying that both of them can never be friends as Shaurya has class while Rajveer has none.

Aaru follows Nidhi asking what’s the matter and why does she seem so tensed, making sure that the contract killer won’t take their name if caught, Nidhi asks if Aaru thinks she’s worried if the killer is caught, but her problem it is Preeta and Ak failed to kill her, Nidhi mentions that she also saw Karan there, Aaru is shocked when Nidhi replies that she is shocked thinking if something bad happened to Karan as he is her love, Aaru asks Nidhi to go and save her love. while doing something to make Preeta die in the house. Nidhi asks to keep an eye on Karina bua and Rakhi as she doesn’t want any more drama, Aaru suggests Nidhi should go and save her love, make sure Preeta doesn’t come back to this house, she even asks Nidhi to send the contract killer. from outside the house.

Rishab takes Karan to the room who asks Rishab to save Preeta as her life is in danger, Karan informs Rishab that Preeta is caught in the fire and her life is in danger, Rishab is about to run away, but then he thinks what he is doing because Preeta is not in their life, he thinks that Karan is traumatized, so he decides to call the doctor, he informs that Karan is not well, so he asks the doctor to come to their house quickly.

Nidhi reaches home and calls Karan but doesn’t find anyone there, she thinks if Karan overpowered Ak then he should have been here and if Ak managed to outsmart Karan then he would been here, yet she wonders what happened here. . Nidhi sees Preeta lying on the floor so she goes to sit in front of her. Nidhi checks her pulse and is shocked thinking she is still alive, Nidhi wonders why she is not dying. Nidhi thinks that Karan and Ak’s bot would have gone outside while they were fighting. Nidhi exclaims that Preeta’s death is written by her hands so she also starts choking Preeta saying that she has to die today, Preeta slowly opens her eyes and sees Nidhi’s face in front of her exclaiming that Preeta should die today .

Rajveer goes back to the main hall but he thinks no one is here, he thinks he would go out and check if Maa is safe and she is taken to the ambulance, he prays that Karan is not near his mother and even if he is there then Maa his should not be awake. Rajveer leaves.

Palki comes to the main hall wondering where everyone is, Shaurya calls her from behind asking who told him that he kidnapped her and kept her tied up in a room, Palki turns to leave mentioning that she doesn’t want to talk to him, Shaurya stops her saying that he asked her a question, but Palki again turns to leave, Shaurya holds her hand as she turns angrily and slaps him, Shaurya gets furious.

Rajveer reaches the house and enters when he kicks a wooden log, Nidhi is shocked to hear the noise he moves away from Preeta so quickly, Rajveer is shocked to see Nidhi sitting next to his mother.

Karan is still unconscious but constantly thinking about Preeta, Rishab makes sure she is by his side but Preeta is no longer with them, however Karan continues to say that Preeta is back and she talked to him, he explains that she doesn’t he will leave nothing to Preeta so he has to go save her he tries to get up but coughs however Rishab stops Karan asking him to stay back in the room he tries to calm down Karan who tells him that Preeta needs his help and he has to go save her. Rishab feels Karan is wrong but wonders how he got into this room, he starts coughing as Rishab is still consoling him, Karan becomes unconscious again, Rishab worries wondering why the doctor didn’t arrive, so he calls him from again asks him to come as soon as possible, Rishab assures him that Karan will be well again as the doctor is coming very soon, he is glad that the family is not here because if he heard Karan talking about Preeta then he would could have believed him that Preeta je is in this house.

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