Bhagya Lakshmi 18th June 2023 Updated Written Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikrant telling Ayush that they can’t do anything against him as he hasn’t done anything wrong. Ayush says a criminal might be very smart but he makes a mistake once then he gets caught. He says you have saved twice, but you will not be saved a third time. Vikrant says he is honest and doesn’t fear anyone. Ayush asks her to remember the words. Vikrant laughs. Rano comes to Shalu, Bani and Neha and asks them to congratulate Lakshmi. They come to Lakshmi. Shalu and Bani hug Lakshmi and say we are not lying to Cement’s promise. Saloni asks them not to be sad and says we are not taking your sister now, it is bidaai time. She asks them to dance. Karishma says it already happened? Anjana says real dance can happen after engagement. Ahana thinks she has to smile for Bhabhi’s happiness. Rishi hits the punching bag and imagines Vikrant laughing. Saloni, Ahana and others dance. Saloni comes to Shalu, bani and neha and asks them to dance. They refuse. Neha asks Rano to come dance. She goes to the dance. Vikrant pulls out a smiling foam ball from his pocket and vents his frustration. He comes to Rishi and hits the punching bag. Rishi looked at him. Vikrant and Rishi hit him at the same time. Vikrant asks what will happen if you hit him and says you insulted my ego and says you are the first and last person. He says his mind works 24 hours and he can clearly love in his innocent eyes for Lakshmi. He says if I had told everyone that you don’t want Lakshmi to leave here, then they would have raised hand on you. Rishi says I am not afraid of anyone as I have not done anything wrong. He says you have made mistakes, the finger and hand will be lifted on you and only time will tell whose finger and hand will be lifted on you. Pandit ji tells Dadi that he will leave. Dadi asks her to have food. He says he had food in copper utensils. Lakshmi says she kept it in a side dish and says she will bring it. Vikrant accepts in front of Rishi that he was with his girlfriend today and that very day in that house and says that day you didn’t believe Ayush and today no one believed you. He says I am having an affair and says after meeting Lakshmi, I have heart for her too. Rishi gets angry and says you are ruining two lives. Vikrant says everyone will be happy, no one’s life will be ruined. He says you can’t do anything and says my girlfriend deleted the video and pulled the fuse and says you couldn’t do anything in your house when this thing happened. He says you are getting angry. He says you hurt my ego and says I will take revenge from you. He gives him an open challenge that he will marry Lakshmi and asks Rishi to stop if he can. He goes. shouted Rishi in anger. He sees Lakshmi going to employment and thinks why she is going there.

Ayush vents his anger. Shalu and Bani ask him to control his anger and pain. Ayush says it is very painful as no one believes him. Shalu says first jiju didn’t believe us and now no one believes him. Ayush says Vikrant has become great in everyone’s eyes. Bani asks her to think about Rishi, how must he feel. Shalu says I can’t control and wants to catch Vikrant and tell him you want to betray my bhabhi, how dare you… She cries badly. Shalu hugs him to calm him down. She says Di is lucky to have you as dewar. Ayush says I could not do anything and says I failed. Shalu says we will lose if we accept her.

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