Kundali Bhagya 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer protects Shaurya from AK

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Karan, while on his bed, constantly dreams of how Ak tried to kill Preeta, he sits on the bed while taking her name and tries to leave swearing that he won’t let anything happen to him, however he falls to the ground again after being in severe pain. headache but mustering his strength he manages to leave the room.

Ak runs thinking that everyone is following him constantly, Shaurya and Rajveer along with Sandy follow him as he enters a room, Ak tries to stab Shaurya with a knife but then Rajveer meanwhile puts a knife between they Rajveer pushes Ak. wonders why Shaurya tried to be a hero constantly when Ak is a criminal, Shaurya replies that there is no need for him to act like his elder brother. Ak tries to run away when Rishab closes the door asking if he would tell the truth easily, Rajveer and Shaurya once again push Ak on the bed who says he was just following the orders of his boss who ran after the fire in this house. Shaurya and Rajveer don’t believe him so Rishab asks them to come with Ak.

Palki informs the firemen that he gave the medicine to the firemen and it would be fine, the inspector comes mentioning that the fire started in the dependence, the fireman says that they took care of it, but the inspector informs how it was. started again, the fireman is shocked to inform that they are out of cylinders as they came straight from a corporate office that was engulfed in an extreme fire, he quickly calls for backup when Palki thinks that means they would have saved him on Preeta je .

Raja is about to stab Preeta but is unable to do so as Karan holds his hand, they both begin to fight but Karan is very dizzy, however he manages to overpower Raja, before to come and put out the fire on Preeta’s saree. Raja seeing the opportunity tries to choke Karan from behind but Preeta seeing the opportunity hits Raja on the head with a tray, Karan starts smiling mentioning that she hasn’t changed even a bit as she still considers herself to be really smart, Preeta is constantly reminded of her past life where she was with karan, however she is not at all able to fully understand them.

Nidhi is walking when her friend comes mentioning that the Police came to the house and the fire started again in the studio, even the firemen don’t have any equipment to put out the fire. Nidhi starts smiling when her friend asks the reason so Nidhi informs that she is the one who set the house on fire as Preeta didn’t die in the last fire but this time no one would be able to save her. Aaru also starts smiling praising Nidhi for doing something very big, she informs that this time Preeta will die for sure but even suggests that Nidhi needs to distract the family so that they don’t go to saves her, after which Preeta will surely die and Nidhi also smiles. mentioning today Preeta will surely die. Bani Dadi questions what is going on here, she comes to both of them mentioning that she heard them saying that Preeta will die today, Nidhi replies that she was saying that Preeta died, she apologizes for using wrong language, Nidhi replies that she was forced to fulfill the duties of daughter-in-law and mother. Bani Dadi apologizes for her mistake and asks Nidhi to come with her as she wants to know what is going on, Nidhi thinks she doesn’t want to go but is forced to go with Bani Dadi.

Bani Dadi comes to the main hall asking what happened and where is everyone, Palki is about to inform when Shaurya and Rajveer come with Ak, Mahesh wonders why they are holding the fire officer, Inspector enters the Luthra Mansion when Shaurya and Rajveer push him on Ak to the inspector, Rishab advises the inspector to make sure he interrogates this person and finds out the truth, he even says that he should look for his boss. The inspector replies that he is leaving some of his policemen in this Luthra mansion, but they should all be careful as they might try to harm them.

Mahesh keeps asking what is going on in this house as the inspector left with the killer but didn’t arrest Rajveer so what is going on.

Raja tries to hit Karan with a bottle, seeing which Preeta shoots him but Karan manages to stop him using his strength, however Raja then picks a wooden stick which he hits Karan on the head with, Raja goes then to the side thinking he will kill Preeta outside.

Raja rushes to free the door and starts pulling Preeta seeing which Karan gets worried and even tries to get up but doesn’t have the strength.

Mahesh asks why the police left Rajveer, Rakhi asks why the police would arrest Rajveer, Mahesh mentions that Rajveer tried to harm his nephew, but he doesn’t think they want to arrest Rajveer. Palki comes forward mentioning that Mahesh uncle doesn’t know this because he wasn’t here, but she says that Nidhi knows the truth. Sandy says don’t talk to Palki, Rajveer also asks her to go home but Palki says why should he suffer because of her as this whole problem is because of her, Shaurya intervenes mentioning that they both can go home and they talk there, but everyone. stay here Palki turns to Mahesh mentioning that she wanted to know the truth so why is she only listening to Shaurya, Mahesh replies that he will come to a conclusion when they tell him, but everyone is arguing.

Rajveer agrees explaining that he will tell the whole truth again, Rajveer informs that Shaurya caused a bus accident in which he was traveling with his aunt and later found out that Shaurya did it just for fun. Rajveer informs that Shaurya was arrested but he was released from jail. Rajveer further reveals that Shaurya hit a motorcycle again and when the cop asked the truth, Palki answered and then hurt Shaurya’s feelings so he rooted Palki for being a thief by putting a necklace in her bag and he even came to her wedding. who broke up because of Shaurya when he made it look like Palki and Rajveer are both very close but it’s not the truth. Shaurya says that he caused the bus accident only because the driver was irritating him and then he actually framed Palki but because she got him caught in the police station. Shaurya says that Rajveer was praising Palki and it might be because he has feelings for her, Rajveer replies that he was only praising Palki because she deserves it.

Mahesh stops them both mentioning that he has heard both sides and knows who is wrong, he informs that Shaurya has been punished for his actions but what Rajveer did was wrong and he had no right to put Shaurya’s life in danger, Mahesh promises to take he was punished for his actions as Rajveer tried to take his nephew’s life. Mahesh calls the inspector without listening to Rishab and Rakhi, he informs the inspector who just left with one criminal but didn’t take the other, Ak seeing the opportunity runs away so the inspector follows him.

Raja while shooting Preeta falls after hitting a chair, Preeta seeing the opportunity hits him on the head with a metal vase.

Palki defends Rajveer in front of Mahesh stating that she doesn’t know the whole truth, she blames Shaurya for getting her kidnapped and even taking pictures. Shaurya gets frustrated asking if he wants to like her as it can’t happen and his dislike doesn’t mean he would come after her.

Inspector enters Luthra Mansion asking if the killer came here, Rishab gets tensed informing that he has not returned, inspector mentions that he has called an additional team which will arrive very soon. The inspector asks if Rajveer is the same person they wanted to arrest, the entire Luthra family leaves after hearing someone’s scream. Nidhi is shocked to see Ak hiding behind the pillar.

Raja gets up wondering where she is hiding, he threatens her that he will come out otherwise if he finds her then he will definitely kill her with this weapon. Preeta gets scared wondering why he wants to kill her, Raja warns Preeta to be quiet after pointing the gun at her, Raja threatens to kill her if she makes any noise. Preeta sees Rajveer and Palki but can’t call them for help, Raja asks who the boy is, he says he would kill his son in front of her if she makes any noise. Preeta is forced to keep quiet for her son’s safety. Preeta begins to remember how she might have met this person as she gets flashbacks of her memories.

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