Katha Ankahee 20 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vanya pepper spray Ehsan.

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Katha wonders why Anirudh is after Viaan. Viaan says it was like this since college, Viaan ignores him now. Katha wonders why people like to poke their noses into other people’s lives. Viaan asks her to be careful, Anirudh had a nose operation. He asked Katha to look at Anirudh than act towards the nose, which made Anirudh check his nose. Katha and Viaan laugh, accidentally touch each other’s hand.
He heads to the classroom. Ehsan calls Viaan who is perfect now. Viaan wonders how, Ehsan had the responsibility to take care of the office, so he mustered the strength to stand up. Ehsan must meet new carpenters and visit the temple to pray to God for Viaan’s Love monument. He wants Viaan to have a life with Katha. Viaan questions him because he faked his illness so he does the journey alone with Katha. Katha wonders, Viaan changes the subject. Ehsan is still not well, hope he only drinks lemonade at night parties.

Ehsan’s car throws mud at Vanya, she curses him in return. She follows the car to teach him a lesson.

In class, the mentor says Rumi. She says that satin glass makes any structure beautiful, creates new moods and imagination. A bright song brings greatness. Katha says that the right colors bring peace and vice versa. She asks everyone to pair up for an exercise. Anirudh sits next to Katha. A woman approaches Viaan to partner with her, he declines, already paired with Katha. He clarifies that it’s just for the workshop. Viaan steps next to Anirudh. The mentor instructs them on the basic steps and coordinates with their partners to fall in love. She makes it clear to them to fall in love with the stained glass, not each other.

Vanya follows Ehsan, she blocks his way. Ehsan threatens to hurt the man, mistaking her for a boy. Vanya pepper sprays him while he was busy unbuckling his seat belt. Ehsan wonders that he was pepper sprayed for such a small incident. Vanya leaves.

Viaan and Katha work together on their stained glass project. They were playful, enjoying each other’s company. The mentor tells them about the Castle of Love in Ukraine being her favorite monument, it has survived 4 major earthquakes and is still firmly on the ground, a clear example that love grows stronger with time. She asks everyone to hold their stained glass window up in the sun. She praises Viaan and Katha’s work and their pairing together. Anirudh wonders why he has to paint by hand instead of using technology, it’s a waste of time. Viaan finds it strange to attend this workshop, despite the fact that he knows everything. Katha claims they need basics to oversee works like construction. Anirudh believes that technology and servants are also there to do the work. Katha disagrees, self-work is necessary to connect with art. Viaan taunts Anirudh, he wouldn’t know because he has a team working for him.

Vania’s colleague asks him about her bad mood. It’s good, he sees Ehsan entering the office. Vanya hides thinking that he followed her here for revenge. Nivedita introduced everyone to Ehsan, he will meet everyone in a while for further updates. Vanya comes down, crosses paths with Ehsan. He realizes that he is with Viaan at their introduction meeting. Ehsan acknowledges her, questions for pepper spray in his eyes. Vanya had no other choice. Jeetu comes, Ehsan asks him about Vanya’s employment. He denies that he thinks she is the brightest new carpenter. Vanya has heard good things about Ehsan but never bothers to come to the office. Ehsan asks, Vanya leaves. Jeetu asks Ehsan about his red eyes.

Neerja notices that Aarav is upset, she asks him about it. Aarav wonders why his friend’s parents are living separately, even though Aarav always imagined living together with his parents. Neerja says sometimes old people also fight. Aarav thinks its not a problem, Katha tells him to be open. Aarav decides to call his friend’s parents to make them friends again. Neerja makes him realize that third person interference is never appreciated. Aarav decides to throw his friends a party and calls Katha for permission.

At dinner, Katha transfers olives to Viaan’s plate. She offers to get jalapenos, but Viaan doesn’t like them. Salad is not enough for Katha; she will get more food. Aarav calls her while she is away from the phone. Viaan attends calls considering it an emergency.

PRECAP: Viaan tells Katha that love has only one wish, to be complete. They spend the night outside, hiding in the shed from the hotel staff. They heard a woman asking a man who he had been waiting for for four years, the man couldn’t help but wait for her.

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