Main Hoon Aparajita 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Aparajita kidnaps Mohini and threatens her

Main Hoon Aparajita 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir comes to meet Aparajita and says sorry I was out of town. She asks what are we going to do now? Sahani has trapped us and we have to think of ways to save this house. Dadi says God is with us and we will find a solution soon. Aparajita tells Kabir that I don’t want to come to police station again and again. He says sure, I will manage. He says I have some friends in real estate so I’ll talk to them later. Arjun comes there and says they can’t find house keys. Aparajita asks Asha to bring the other set. Kabir calls his friend but they don’t pick the call. He says these people are unhappy. Aparajita says that hard times show who your friend really is. Asha gives the key to Arjun. She finds another key. Tadi says this is our house key, how did it get in this box? Kabir says you have a property in Rudra? Aparajita says yes, they have a big house there and it is very old. Kabir gets a call from his friend Ashok. He tells him about Aparajita’s housing project, but Ashok says that he is working on a project in Rudra, but he can’t get the land because of a big house there. Aparajita takes the call and says it could be our family home. Ashok says great, I will talk to you later. He ends the call. Asha says the property has increased. Tadi says you should talk to Ashok tomorrow.

Asha gets a call from Chhavi but it is Mohini. Asha tells him how they came to know about their family property. Mohini says you should still focus on the pageant as it’s time to help Maa. Don’t tell him about it yet. Asha says ok and ends the call. Mohini says I have to find out what Aparajita is doing.

Scene 2
Ashok meets Aparajita and Disha. Ashok says I have a project of 600 million but your house is in the way, so I am ready to pay 20 million and 5 million more. Aparajita says that we agree with this agreement. I will get the property file.

Aparajita and other family members are looking for the ownership of the house. Aparajita says that Mohini would have taken them. Someone should call her and get information. Niya says Arjun can imitate someone’s voice so that he can call her. Arjun calls Mohini and says I have information for you but I want money. Mohini says just tell me. Arjun says I am working for Ashok and Aparajita is dealing with him to sell a property but she doesn’t have the file. We thought you might have those papers to sell to us. Mohini says how do you have all this information? Arjun says I heard Ashok talking to Aparajita and he really wants to buy it. You might not have the papers, so that’s okay. Mohini says I have the property papers but give me time till evening to find them. I will call you then. Arjun says sure and ends the call. Aparajita says we have to take the papers from her now. He will come here to find them if he doesn’t have them.

In the evening, an old woman enters Aparajita’s house wearing a veil. Aparajita thinks it must be Mohini. Dadi goes to meet her and she tells him that she is from Guruji’s place. Tadi says he might be here to pray for us. She brings her inside. Aparajita says she can go wherever she wants so Mohini leaves from there.

Mohini puts some bags around the house as Disha and Arjun follow her. She comes to the office and takes the title deeds from a hidden book, but Aparajita comes there. Disha and Arjun tie her to the chair. Aparajita takes the title deeds and says you will stay here till we get the money. She says I have a surprise for you. She brings a snake and puts it in front of her. Mohini shouts and says to remove this. Aparajita says she will stay here till you are here. You left her for Disha, but you will pay for your actions. If you try to run away, then the snake will bite you. Disha puts a cloth over her mouth. The snake plays the flute for the snake. Mohini is scared.

The episode ends.

Credit update to: Atiba

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