Main Hoon Aparajita 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Asha kills Mohini while saving Aparajita

Main Hoon Aparajita 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aparajita looks around for Asha. She hears a phone ringing. Mohini realizes that she dropped her phone in the room where she locked Asha. Niya rings her phone and Aparajita hears the vibrations. She starts looking around. Asha sees Niya calling the phone and tries to pick it up but her hands are tied and she is dizzy. Aparajita looks around for it and realizes that it is locked in a closet. Mohini rushes there but Disha catches her and says I will not spare you. Aparajita shouts that she has found Asha. Disha comes there and tries to open the cupboard. Aparajita slides open the door and finds Asha locked inside. He pulls her out and hugs her tightly. Mohini comes there and glances at him. Asha says sorry, I thought it was a contest. Mohini attacks Aparajita and tries to beat her with a stick, Disha tries to stop her but Asha pushes the carpet from below and Mohini falls, passes out there. Aparajita sees his head bleeding and says Mohini? Disha checks her pulse and doesn’t hear it. Aparajita says we should call an ambulance. Disha says we can’t, she is dead. Aparajita says she will wake up. Disha says if we call hospital then they will bring police. Asha says I killed someone.. how can I kill Mohini, she vomits and falls. Aparajita and Disha sit with her as they see Mohini bleeding. Disha hears her phone ringing and Niya calling her. Aparajita says what will I tell Niya? Asha says I didn’t want to. Disha locks the door and closes the curtains. She tells Aparajita that we can’t prove that it was an accident, we have to think of something. Aparajita says we should call the police.

Niya asks Manish why isn’t Mohini answering my call? He calls her, but she doesn’t pick. Disha sees Manish calling her and gets scared. Aparajita cries and says sorry Mohini, we didn’t mean to kill you. We should tell the truth to everyone. Disha says they will not trust us, we will be sent to jail. Aparajita says what will we do now? Disha sees Manish calling again. She takes a cloth and puts it on Mohini.

Manish tells Niya that if Mohini doesn’t accept my call, I will call police, destroy everyone.

Aparajita tries to console Asha, Asha says I will go to jail alone. Disha says if police don’t think it was self defense then Asha will be jailed. I’ll go to the police and tell them I did it. Aparajita says don’t be stupid, let me think. Aparajita says we have to tell Niya, she is her mother.

Arjun makes Dadi sleep. Niya comes there and asks what is happening? He says come with me.

Aparajita tells Disha that we have to tell Niya about her mother’s death. I hear Arjun and Niya knocking on the door, he asks have they found Asha? Aparajita says yes, I found it. Disha says what will we do now? Aparajita tries to open the door but Disha stops her, she says Niya won’t be able to bear seeing her like this. Niya asks are they all fine? Aparajita says yes. Niya asks if Mohini is with them? Aparajita looked further.

The episode ends.

Credit update to: Atiba

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