Main Hoon Aparajita 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Aparajita comes to know that Mohini is alive

Main Hoon Aparajita 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Scene 1
Aparajita and Chhavi bring Mohini’s body to a distant place, start digging a grave. Aparajita says we have to hide his body quickly and return home. We can’t let her body be found today. Once we have time to save Asha, I will tell Niya the truth and then we can do Mohini’s last rites properly. Aparajita says we have to bring his body to the fast grave. She cries and says we are doing all this.. why? Mohini is in the van and wakes up. He looks around and tries to open the van. Aparajita and Chhavi return to the van. Mohini sees this and acts like a dead person. Aparajita puts plastic in the grave. Mohini takes her phone and calls Manish. He asks if she is okay? she says come here quickly. He says he’ll be here in 15 minutes. She says come here quickly else she will bury me. Manish says don’t worry, I am coming here and I won’t spare Aparajita. She ends the call. Aparajita tells Chhavi to bring Mohini’s body. They both go to the van. Mohini thinks I faked my death to trap them, but they want to bury me.

Arjun tells Niya that don’t worry about Mohini, you should trust Aparajita. Niya says I trust her but she was worried and wanted to tell me something. She asks Disha and Asha if they know anything about Mohini? please tell me what Aparajita wanted to tell me? is mom ok Devi hides and hears this. Niya cries and asks Disha to tell her the truth as a sister. Disha looked.

Aparajita and Chhavi put Mohini’s body in the grave. Aparajita cries seeing this so Chhavi consoles her. Aparajita says what are we doing, please forgive me Mohini. We didn’t want to do this with you. Mohini thinks Manish must come before burying me. Aparajita and Chhavi start throwing mud on her grave. Mohini thinks I will die here soon. Chhavi tells Aparajita that we have to leave soon. Aparajita drops her mangalsutra. They go from there. Manish reaches there and takes his shovel.

Scene 2
Aparajita and Chhavi return home. Chhavi says where is your mangalsutra? Aparajita says maybe I left it there but we have to go back as no one should find this. They lead back to the site.

Manish brings Mohini out of the grave and asks if she is fine? she says you are too late, I was suffocating inside. Aparajita and Chhavi return. They are shocked to see Manish standing with Mohini. Chhavi says she is alive. Aparajita cries and says thank God she is alive. They hide from Mohini and Manish. Manish tells Mohini that Aparajita thinks you are dead, they have no idea that they will be locked up and you will start a new life as someone else. Mohini smiles and leaves.

Kabir talks to his commissioner and says Devi is against the law so we should drop her from the case and I should investigate. Commissioner says I will see what I can do. Kabir thinks I have to take this case and save Aparajita and her daughters.

Aparajita and Chhavi return home. Devi come there and tell where you have been? Aparajita says I have to check my daughters first and then I will answer you. She goes to check on them. Aparajita comes to Disha and Asha. They say we got scared. Aparajita says everything will be fine. Aparajita asks where is Niya? Disha says she went to Manish’s house. She was asking me questions and when I didn’t tell her, she stormed off.

Aparajita and her daughters come to Akshay and Dadi. Tadi cries and says what will we do now? Aparajita says that God is with us so that no one can harm us. Everything will be fine. She looks at Akshay and holds his legs, says you saved me today. I know you are always with me, your mangalsutra brought me to the truth and I saw that Mohini is alive and playing a game. Everyone is shocked. Aparajita tells them how they saw Mohini in life. Devi comes there and asks where did you go? Aparajita glares at her and says you are threatening me for so long but I had to be respectful so I left the house. Devi says I will shut you down. Aparajita says you can’t threaten me without any proof. Do you have a search warrant? do you have a BAD? Devi says I have a missing complaint. Aparajita says that 24 hours have not passed and Mohini lives here. I can file a case against you for torturing me. You gotta say who taught you that? The flashback shows how Aparajita called Kabir and told him to let Mohini think that you don’t know that he is alive. Aparajita says we will have to expose her. Kabir says I spoke to commissioner and I will handle this case, just tell Devi to get out of your house. The flashback ends. Aparajita tells Devi that I would have welcomed you as a guest but if you try to threaten us then I have to kick you out. Just get lost. Devi glares at her and says I will bring the search warrant tomorrow and then I will teach you a lesson. She gets a call from the commissioner and puts it on speaker. Commissioner says how can you abuse your powers and threaten people without a search warrant? I took you off the case and Kabir will be in charge now. You should end the call. Dadi says not all police officers are like you, get lost now. Devi leaves angrily. Aparajita thinks I have to expose Mohini now.

The episode ends.

Credit update to: Atiba

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