Mere Sai 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sai saves Tatya

Mere Sai 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav goes to Kulkarni and says how long will you keep playing with Sai and when will you understand that hate never wins. Kulkarni says to him, I am your father, you were never with your father and now it is enough, I have done everything for your good. Keshav says you did everything for money, cheating and tricking people, but you never understood that love and family are more important than money. Kulkarni says you never understood my love and wants to see you successful, you always believed that Sai beggar. Keshav says its because you never understood that for me relationships are more important than money. Kulkarni about to raise his hand. Rukmini stops him. Kulkarni pushes Rukmini. Keshav says I used to tolerate this behavior as a child but not anymore and I don’t want to stay here in this house of hate and negativity and leave with my family and mom.

Rukmini does not step forward. Kulkarni taunts Keshav seeing his wife not joining Keshav. Kulkarni says fine you go as it doesn’t matter to me and this is my house and everything will work as I want and also that Vada will not be built here and will never come back to this house now.
Keshav comes out of the house.

Tatya’s health worsens. Baizmaa also feels bad. Appa asks Baizmaa to rest. Baizmaa says I will not leave Tatya alone. Malchapati, Shama and Ali visit Tatya worried about him.
Keshav rushes to Tatya. Baizmaa asks Keshav to call Sai. Keshav says Sai must be on his way. Tatya says to Baizmaa, Aai please save me, I don’t want to die, I feel my time is over, but I don’t want to leave you all in this condition, Baji is also small. Baji says please rest, don’t worry about us, take care of yourself. Baizmaa asks Tatya to stay strong and says Sai promised nothing will happen to you.
Tatya says Sai and takes her last breath. Keshav checks Tatya’s pulse and starts crying.

Sai enters and Baizmaa rushes towards Sai. Sai looks at Baizmaa and shakes his head no. Baizmaa says this can’t happen, everyone starts crying. Baizmaa says to Sai, you promised nothing will happen to Tatya, save my son. Appa and Rambha pray to Sai to save Tatya. Sai tells Baizmaa that I am here to fulfill my promise. Sai goes to Tatya and puts his hand on Tatya’s forehead. Tatya opens her eyes and sees Sai. Everyone is happy to see Tatya alive.
Baizmaa hugs Tatya.
Sai’s health begins to deteriorate. Baizmaa joins her hand in front of Sai. Sai says you are my mother how will I not fulfill my promise made to you. Baizmaa hugs Sai. Everyone prays to Sai.

Baizmaa says to Tatya, I was so scared. Tatya says you look thin, you are fine. Rambha says she is also not well. Baizmaa says Rambha I am fine now my son is fine. Baizmaa says I can’t live without you Tatya and Sai, you two are my world. Sai says even Appa Patil needs you. Baizmaa smiles and says yes.

Pre head: Baizmaa says to Sai, I am leaving. Say you can’t, who leaves me alone, promise me you won’t leave me. Baizmaa smiles at Sai and says I have to go.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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