Main Hoon Aparajita June 17, 2023 Written Episode Update: Aparajita Blocks Aparajita

Main Hoon Aparajita 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini tells Aparajita that she has 30 minutes to save Asha, she leaves. Aparajita calls Kabir but Disha picks up the call and says no problem, she ends the call and tells Aparajita that we can’t put Asha’s life in danger by informing the police. We will ask social media to look for Asha. Aparajita says we can’t find her in 30 minutes. Disha says we will find her. Arjun asks them to stop arguing. Aparajita says how will we find Asha? Arjun goes to call the people. Dadi is worried about Asha.

Asha cries for water, the host says we will start a new round which will be very dangerous and may kill them.

Aparajita goes to the mandir and cries. Does he tell Matei if he likes to see her cry? why are you still giving me pain and letting Mohini do all this? what wrong did I do that you punish me like this? please show me the way i don’t have much time to save her my children are my life and i can find someone to save them if anything happens to asha that my relationship with you will break. The chunri falls on Aparajita, she takes it and says I will save Asha, I will take this chunri as a blessing, but if anything happens to her, then I will not forgive you. I know you will show me the way.

Manish comes to meet Niya and says I want to spend time with you on your birthday. Disha calls her but Manish takes her phone. He says your mom wants to surprise you on your birthday, she didn’t do anything with Asha.

Disha gives a smart watch to Aparajita to track her. Disha says I called Niya but she did not return. Arjun and Disha go to find Asha.

Manish tells Niya that she should forgive her mother, they want to celebrate her birthday. Niya says can you give me a gift? he says sure. Niya says what is Mohini’s secret place? where did he take asha Manish says he might have taken her to that godown. Niya says I have to go now but he stops her. Mohini sees all this from a camera. Niya says I can text once? he says sure. Mohini says now she will give the information to Aparajita and that is what I want. Niya messages Aparajita. Aparajita receives him and thinks to inform Kabir, but he does not respond.

Disha and Arjun drive through the market to find Asha. Aparajita goes to the address Niya gave her and looks around. Mohini sees her and says I wanted her here. Aparajita says I have to find Asha in 10 minutes. Aparajita knocks on the doors in the godown. She tries to break it and goes inside. Mohini smiles seeing all this. Someone is locking Aparajita in there. Mohini laughs and says it will be fun to see Aparajita cry for Asha. Aparajita tries to get out of there and moves containers. She enters another room and accidentally steps on the burning coals. Mohini talks to her through speakers and says you have to enjoy this pain right? Aparajita sees Asha on the screen and cries. Mohini says save her if you can. You put your life on the line to save your daughter. Aparajita says I am begging you to leave Asha. Mohini says save your daughter if you can. Aparajita finds some mud in a container and throws it on the coals, starts walking on them and cries in pain. Mohini looked.

The episode ends.

Credit update to: Atiba

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