Parineeti 17 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rakesh plans to abort Pari’s baby

Parineeti 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All the family members dance at the Haldi ceremony and Pari starts crying in pain. She screams so everyone rushes towards her. Neeti asks what happened? Pari says take me to the doctor. Rakesh picks her up and brings her to her room. Neeti calls the doctor and gives Pari some medicine and herbs. Pari says I am in so much pain. Rakesh says I will bring him hot water. He leaves from there. Neeti asks doctor to come home soon. Beeji thinks this Neeti is getting soft seeing Pari suffering. Rakesh calls his friend and says Pari is hurting, the work will be done right? he says yes, powder will do the job, delivery will not happen now. Rakesh asks her to keep everything ready as they might have to bring her to the hospital. He ends the call and finds Beeji sitting there. She asks what is he doing here? Rakesh says I have to get water for Pari, says your promises were useless. Beeji says I knew you will do something with Pari. Rakesh says you are a smart woman, you didn’t do my job so I had to do it. Beeji says what did you do with Pari? Rakesh says I won’t tell you as I don’t trust you. Beeji says my advice is to have unity between us, you need Neeti and so you tell me what you did? Rakesh says I don’t need you both, you both need me. Beeji says you gave water to Pari and I heard you, so tell me what you did? Rakesh says water was special and now I will take her to hospital for abortion. Beeji says it is amazing. Rakesh says she will miscarry and tomorrow I will marry her. Chandrika comes there and sees them talking.

Monty comes to meet Amit, they talk about a new show.

Scene 2
Pari cries in pain, Neeti is worried and says doctor is coming. Rakesh whispers to Beeji that I don’t trust Neeti, she cares too much about Pari. Beeji says I like you, don’t care about others like me.

Sanju sits in his office and is upset that he can’t find anything against Rakesh. He looks at Pari’s medical reports and sees that Pari’s surrogacy reports are positive. He says if Pari is carrying Neeti’s and mine’s child, then how can she carry Rakesh’s child? something fishy, ​​i should go to the hospital.

Does Rakesh tell his mother if he doesn’t like Pari? did you give him something? His mother says I accepted Pari, so why would I do this? Rakesh says you are not even doing anything as it hurts her. Pami asks him to shut up. Gurvindar says I don’t like seeing Pari in so much pain. Pami says we should take her in an emergency. Rakesh says I know a lot of doctors, so let me call one. He goes to call his friend and says they are taking Pari to the hospital, his friend says the hospital is working for us, it is illegal but we will do the surgery. He ends the call. The doctors reach home but Rakesh says Pari is fine now so you can leave. The doctor says I can check it at least once? Rakesh gives her service charges and says you can leave. Chandrika sees this and asks Rakesh why did you lie to the doctor? Rakesh says I lied her but the reason is I want Pari to get proper treatment. He takes Pari to the hospital.

Sanju comes to his manager and says I have some urgent work so I have to go. His manager says we have an important meeting and then you can go.

The family brings Pari to the hospital, Neeti asks the receptionist to call an emergency doctor. Rakesh says I hired a doctor and he is coming.

PRECAP – The doctor tells Neeti that Pari’s pain was not normal, something wrong happened with her. Rakesh tells dai maa that she should abort Pari. He tells Beeji that dai maa will take care of everything. Neeti comes there and says it won’t happen.

Credit update to: Atiba

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