Maitree 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashish will divorce Nandini

Maitree 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamna asks Maitree to stop talking. Maitree is warned by Kamna to keep her mouth shut. Harsh is asked what happened by Kamna. Harsh remembers what Kamna went through to raise him and wonders how he can suspect her. He asks Kamna harshly, noting that he saw her trying to take Maitree’s life with his eyes. Kamna’s behavior is harshly criticized. Madan tells Kamna that she cannot do this alone. Ashish agrees, claiming that his wife Nandini is also involved in the murder plot against Maitree. Ashish asks Nandini if ​​it was right or wrong. Nandini remains speechless. Maitree tries to stop Ashish.

Nandini begs Ashish not to kill her and claims that she was not involved in the plot. Nandini asks Ashish to believe her. Ashish says something and proclaims his decision. Ashish informs Nandini that he plans to divorce her. Maitree tries to convince Ashish to reconsider his decision, but Ashish refuses to listen and remains steadfast in his resolve. From there, Ashish leaves. Nandini follows Ashish.

Harsh informs Kamna that Maitree will choose her punishment. Maitree mentions how much Harsh adores Kamna. Maitree tells Harsh that Kamna is worthless without his help. Sona welcomes Maitree’s punishment saying it is the right punishment for Kamna as she will be separated from her loved ones and no one will be available to take care of her.

Harsh is on the phone with another lawyer about the divorce papers. Maitree gives Ashish a snow globe and breaks it in front of him. Maitree uses him as an example, claiming that once he divorces Nandini, they will never be able to reconcile. Nandini, according to Ashish, has no right to take anyone’s life for any reason. Nandini did this because she loves him, Maitree tells Ashish. Maitree claims that if it were in his circumstances, he would not abandon Nandini as Nandini’s love is genuine. Maitree then leaves. Nandini is seen listening to their speech.

Harsh remembers what happened and feels bad for his attitude towards Maitree. Harsh failed to make eye contact with Maitree as a result of what he had done. Harsh is consoled by Maitree. Harsh apologizes to Maitree and promises to make things right. Harsh claims they are leaving Triveni Sadan. Maitree instructs Harsh to take a decision calmly rather than angrily. Harsh claims to take this decision calmly.

Harsh is mentioned by Sona. Harsh and Maitree reach Sona with their suitcases packed. Harsh and Maitree inform Sona that they have decided to leave Triveni Sadan. Maitree asks Sona to bless them. Sona tells Maitree that she considers Maitree as her daughter. Sona also tells Ashish that she considers Harsh as her son. Sona asks Harsh if he will consider Sona as his mother. Harsh recognizes Sona as his mother.

PreCap: Nandini takes Maitree with her. Nandini gives him an ice cream and apologizes. They both start to cry. Nandini asks Maitree not to go

Credit update to: Tanaya

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