Udaariyaan 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam and Harleen get closer

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The episode starts with Naaz blaming Nehmat. Sartaj says everyone would praise us there. Nehmat says it doesn’t matter, we know why we did this. He remembers seeing the title deeds. She asks what is that. He says he’s cheating, I’m cheating everyone and I have the property in my name. She says I won’t tell anyone, I know you, you have a big reason behind this, I won’t ask you, one trusts blindly, else it is what to do. Say thank you to God, trust me. FB ends. Nehmat says good work is like bitter medicine, I’m not against doing it when it’s for their betterment. Ekam says devil think where we will stay, Harleen take care of mom, I will find a house. Jasmin comes and gets angry with Sartaj. Rupy says everyone will stay here. Satti says yes. argues Jasmin. She asks everyone to come to her house. Ekam refuses and says I am enough to take care of my family, thanks. Jasmin asks Harleen to explain to Ekam. Harleen says please stay out of this stuff. Ekam says I spoke to Abir, he will get us a house, it is small but we will manage. Harleen says we’ll go and set up the house. They were leaving. Naaz says I will not leave Nehmat and Sartaj. Nehmat says I know why you did this, you told me the reason, I respect my decision. Sartaj says you would feel bad. She says no, Ekam is there, he will take care of everything, Harleen is with him, this time she will bring them closer.

Ekam and Harleen check out the house. They cough. Naaz says I feel suffocated, I don’t want to stay here. Balbeer jokes. They argue. Ekam says sorry, give me some time, I will make everything right, we will get a new place and I am not forgiving Sartaj, I will get my house back. She sing. She says I always dreamed that we are decorating our house, it matters, everything is there because of you, we will make this house beautiful. Renuka says we lost the house. She is crying. Satti asks him to have faith. Nehmat asks if Renuka is fine. Nimmo says no, he’s homeless. Naaz and Balbeer look and leave. Cherry gets angry. Nehmat says I know the pain of being homeless, Ekam will do something. Nimmo asks why did you support Sartaj. Nehmat says I will tell you. Harleen says I didn’t like the big house, we can stay closer here, we will keep our marriage picture on the wall. He says do as you like, I have ordered some furniture on rent. He remembers Nehmat.

Harleen says Nehmat is fine, don’t worry, Sartaj is with her. He asks how can he support Sartaj knowing he cheated us, why. She says we don’t know why she is doing this, don’t worry, everything will be fine, you don’t have to doubt me, I will never leave you, I promise. He nods. She says you know I feel happy when I am with you.

She says come on, you are angry and spoiling your mood, get rid of your anger on spiders and lizards, you will feel better, I will clean the dust, sorry. Ekam says good. Balbeer says Ekam will get his house back from Sartaj. Naaz says it will take long time, what happened to your wealth. He says leave, you were here with your family before. She says I see all of us. Ekam and Harleen are cleaning the house. Harleen coughs. Ekam cares for her. She jokes and they laugh. Nehmat talks to Nimmo. She says I am not worried, Harleen is with Ekam and Ekam is with everyone, he will get a house soon, don’t worry. Nimmo blesses her. Nehmat asks him to take care of everyone. Sartaj gets fruit for Nehmat. He asks did you tell Machi. She nods. He says girls can’t digest anything, you did good, you need support like Nimmo. Nehmat thanks him. Naaz looked. She gets angry. They have a discussion. Naaz cuts the power. She smiles and leaves. Nehmat asks how the lights went. Sartaj says wait, I will go see. She stood up and stumbled. He shouts and holds her in his arms. He asks her to sit. She says I hope Ekam has found a home, I know he won’t stay long with Nanu and Nani. Harleen screams and hugs Ekam. Nehmat thinks Harleen and Ekam should move on, I should move on with this kid.

Sartaj says he is Ekam’s child and he should know about him, it is his right. Nehmat says I will not tell him about this child. Ekam looked.

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