Maitree 18th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kamna is thrown out of her house

Maitree 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In tears, Sona hugged Harsh. She tells Maitree that she is becoming her daughter-in-law again so that he can rule over her. Maitree beams. Sona’s blessings are accepted by Maitree and Harsh. Nandini arrives and takes Maitree with her. Nandini hands her an ice cream cone and apologizes for her mistakes. They both start to cry. Nandini asks Maitree not to go. Maitree asks where did he lose till now. Nandini apologizes and asks Maitree to punish her if he wants as well as not to leave her. Nandini holds out her index finger.

Nandini gives ice cream to Maitree. She forgives Nandini and they exchange the sign of friendship, delighted to make up. Ashish arrives and asks her not to forget him. Ashish joins the hug. Harsh appears and invites them to join him. Nandini greets him. They all hug. They emerge when they hear Madan’s voice. Madan gives Kamna the bag of money and kicks her out of the house. He apologizes to his family members for his mistakes and leaves. Kamna glared at Tiwari.

The next day, Sona asks everyone to prepare their house beautifully for Ram and Lakshman Darbar at home. Nandini and Maitree greet visitors. Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Anjaneya are returned home by Ashish, Harsh and Om. Kamna enters Tiwari Sadan in a disguised appearance with a veil covering her face. Sona asks Maitree to apply tilak to the idols while she holds her anger. Maitree agrees and applies tilak to the idols. Sona asks Maitree to deliver prasad. Nandini tells Maitree that she will help her prepare prasad. Maitree asks Nandini to welcome the guests and promises to prepare Bhogh.

Maitree suspects that someone is spying on her in the kitchen. She comes out and sees veiled ladies and wonders who they are. Kamna tells her that they are coming to make flower arrangements. Maitree delegated her tasks to them. She prepares Prasad cups. She walks out when she hears the doorbell ring. Kamna sends ladies from there and the poison is mixed in a cup of Prasad for Maitree.

Ashish has difficulty adjusting his dhoti. Nandini arrives and helps him. Ashish tries to flirt with her. Sona calls Ashish and everyone else for the puja. Kamna scribbles an identification mark on the cup and declares that it will be used to kill Maitree. Nandini arrives and confronts Kamna. She threatens Kamna to expose her. Ashish looks for Nandini. Kamna hits Nandini and locks her in a room. Pandit instructs family members to offer prasad to God before distributing it to everyone. Kamna realizes that there is no prasad in the kitchen. She comes out to see Maitree holding the Katori bowl to which she has added poison. Kamna is overjoyed.

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