Udaariyaan 18th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nehmat and Sartaj have ice cream. Ekam says yes, I bought potatoes and everything. He sees Nehmat and Sartaj. He thinks what is she doing, how can she have ice cream with the person who cheated on me. Sartaj says this is Ekam’s child and his choice will be like Ekam, think again, you are doing wrong if you don’t tell him, a father has right to know about his child. She says no, I will not tell her anything, I have already applied for jobs. They were leaving. Ekam gets angry and asks why are you supporting that man who cheated me. Nehmat gets Ekam’s call. He asks why you supported Sartaj. She says Harleen supports you because you are her husband. He says yes but Sartaj is not your husband, I know you are hiding something. She says sometimes, things are not as they seem. He says I know this after meeting Sartaj. Harleen says Ekam didn’t come till now, I will make his favorite pulao and surprise him. Nehmat says you should be ashamed. Ekam says you have time till tomorrow, think carefully, we will end this dual life. He sees Sartaj. He says I will get food. Harleen says how will I make pulao, Ekam answers me. Ekam comes and sees Harleen trying to light the stove. He asks if you are okay. She says yes. He says I told you we will order food. She says I liked organic cooking. Say sorry, I didn’t give you any happiness. She says it is an adventure, I love her, I always wanted a small house, a cute husband and a cute kid. She becomes sad.

Satti and everyone have a discussion. Renuka is crying and holding a toy. She says my wish will never be fulfilled, Ekam’s family will never move forward. Nimmo thinks Nehmat is carrying Ekam’s child. Ekam says you are like a teddy bear, so many problems come in my life but you are always happy, feed my pulao now. Nehmat calls the news media daily and chats. She says I think I will get this job. Sartaj gets food. She says I will get a job as a content writer. Ekam likes pulao. He says I will take mother tomorrow, we will also keep a maid. He thinks he has seen what Nehmat’s decision is. Nehmat thinks that Ekam must leave this adamant.

Nehmat says it’s a bad day for me, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Ekam thinks it will be now or never.

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