Maitree 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kamna catches Ashish

Maitree 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maitree is doused with water by a woman and her daughter. Maitree becomes conscious. He sees Sona and Harsh passing out. Lady and her daughter are assigned to take care of Harsh and Sona by Maitree. She tries to get a lift but no one helps her. When Maitree is called, the doctor asks her location. On the way to the hospital, according to Maitree, they were involved in an accident. I can’t promise we’ll be able to save Harsh because the doctor thinks you’ve wasted your chance. Maitree is stunned. As they try to control the fire to leave the room, Ashish consoles Nandini.

Ram ji would save her husband according to Maitree. Maitree is urged by the young girl not to worry. You saved us, she claims, and your husband will suffer no repercussions. Maitree hugs her. Ashish accepts Nandini’s apology for misinterpreting him. Ashish says this is not the right time to discuss this and we should plan our escape. Kamna notices the conflict between Ashish and Nandini. Although she believes Maitree is safe, her companions will perish. An ambulance arrives at the scene of Maitree’s accident. In that ambulance, Maitree rushes to Harsh Hospital.

Everyone will suffer according to Kamna. Ashish hugs Nandini and promises to go peacefully even if something bad happens to her. Nandini wonders why he is talking like this. She is pushed out of the room by Ashish after being covered with the quilt. Crying for Ashish is Nandini. Ashish recalls his experiences with his son and wife. He waves goodbye to Nandini. Nandini sobs in despair.

Maitree pleads the doctor to save his wife at the hospital. After their agreement, the doctor takes Harsh to the surgery. Maitree asks Ram Ji to take care of her husband. When the doctor comes out, he informs Maitree that they couldn’t save Harsh. God is defeated with Maitree, she informs him. He gives a Diya to Aarti and lights it. The pulse returns to rough. When the nurse comes out, she tells the doctor.

The doctor arrives to treat Harsh and declares it a miracle. Later, the doctor visits Maitree and informs her that her husband is safe. Running into her husband Maitree’s room. Thank Maitree harshly when she sees it. Harsh says that Kamna lost her son while trying to kill him and asks Maitree not to blame his mother. Maitree agrees. Maitree is invited outside by Sona. Maitree leaves. Calling Nandini is Maitree. When Maitree hears Nandini crying, she realizes that she is sick.

When Maitree reaches home, she finds Kamna holding Nandini captive. Maitree is warned by Kamna not to advance or I will burn your companion. Maitree wonders about her motivation. Kamna claims you wasted my years of work by turning my son against me. Maitree informs Kamna that she has lost her child for good as a result of her actions, and he will never see her again. Kamna is stunned but also relieved to know that Harsh is fine. Nandini is freed by Maitree. Maitree is begged by Nandini to save Ashish. The explosion is audible. The two cry for Ashish.

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