How many episodes are in I’m a Virgo Season 1 on Prime Video?

I’m a Virgo Season 1 is out on Prime Video at the end of the week. This is a binge-watch version, so you’ll need to know how many episodes are in the season to know how much time to allocate to the show.

Are you ready for a dark comedy series? With this you will get I’m a Virgo on Prime Video. The first season arrives in its entirety on Friday, June 23.

This series follows Cootie, who is a 13-foot black man who has been trapped in his house all his life. After all, with his height, there were bound to be people to make fun of him, and maybe the government would even want to test him.

Well, he goes out and has a chance to explore the world. He gets to explore life and love, making friends and seeing why his family was trying to protect him. He also gets the chance to meet his idol, a superhero named The Hero. This coming of age story is about exploration and life and is more than worth checking out.

The number of episodes are Virgo

All episodes will drop at once. You’ll need to know how much time to set aside this weekend to watch the entire season.

There are seven episodes in the season. Each episode is around an hour long, but like most other Amazon shows, you’ll want to set aside a day to get through it all.

It is not billed as a limited series. Keep that in mind when it comes to watching it. If you like it, take the time to watch the series and prove that you want more of this type of story.

I’m a Virgo comes to Prime Video Friday, June 23.

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