Meet 18 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sarkar shoots Manmeet.

Meet Written Episode 18th June 2023 Written Update on

Meet is kidnapped by Gunwanti and Chanda witnesses the incident. Determined to help, Chanda tries to follow Gunwanti. Meet and Sumeet are taken to a secluded location where Mahendra holds Sarkar at gunpoint and Sumeet desperately calls Meet. Despite her weakened state, Meet gathers the strength to intervene and protect Sarkar.

Chanda witnesses everything and immediately contacts Manmeet to inform him about the situation. Cheeku approaches Manmeet and asks if everything is fine. Manmeet assures him that he will bring back both Meet and Sumeet safely. Mahendra and Gunwanti laugh at Meet’s weak state, but she manages to grab a rock and make Mahendra drop the gun.

Meet takes the opportunity and warns Mahendra to stay away from Sarkar. She assures Sumeet not to be afraid. However, Sarkar reveals his true colors and admits that it was all orchestrated by him, with Mahendra and Gunwanti following his instructions. Meet asks Sarkar not to reveal this truth to Manmeet as it would destroy their father-son relationship.

Sarkar pushes Meet into a pool of dirty water, causing her to struggle and sink. Meet desperately pleads Sarkar to spare Sumeet. As the water rises, Meet almost drowns, but manages to resurface, making a huge effort to free himself from the puddle. She assures Sumeet to remain hopeful and promises to protect her. Meet encourages Sumeet to face life’s challenges and always believe in herself. Sumeet repeats these words.

While Meet saves Sumeet, she herself passes out. Sarkar turns and points a gun at them, but Manmeet arrives and kicks Sarkar away, threatening to kill him for trying to harm Meet and Sumeet. Manmeet throws away the gun and suggests them to leave the area. However, Sarkar secretly takes the weapon, determined to harm Meet. He shoots at her but Manmeet jumps in front of her and falls unconscious.

Sarkar, still determined to do harm, points the gun at Meet again. Just then, Cheeku throws a stone at Sarkar, causing him to trip and fall. Sarkar and Manmeet both breathe. Meet urges Cheeku not to reveal that he hit Sarkar as she is willing to take the blame and go to jail instead. She begs Cheeku to take care of Sumeet and promises her love to both of them. Meet asks Cheeku to take Sumeet to Ahlawat’s house and make sure that Sumeet never discovers Meet’s prison. She encourages Cheeku to grow up well with Sumeet and assures them both of her love.

Sumeet grows old and gets married. She tries to do the housework at her mother-in-law’s house. However, her mother-in-law criticizes her for not being able to do the tasks properly. Sumeet remains undeterred and replies, “Don’t worry, I will learn everything.”

Credit update to: Tanaya

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