Meet 21 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shagun challenges Sumeet

Meet 21st June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sumeet lies on her bed, remembering the promise she made to Masum. She wonders why Abhay, who supposedly likes Vani, didn’t answer her. Sumeet is not sure what she should do. Shlok, who is Abhay’s brother and also Sumeet’s admirer, is waiting outside her house, hoping to get a chance to talk to her. He wants to discuss about convincing Abhay’s mother to accept his relationship with Vani. Shlok prays for Sumeet to come out so that he can tell him his plan. When she finally appears, he admires her and writes a message on a piece of paper, throwing it into Sumeet’s room.

Raj arrives and scolds Shlok for looking at Sumeet. Shlok lies, saying his bike won’t start. Raj starts the bike and warns Shlok never to come back. Sumeet reads the message from Shlok, informing her about Shagun’s visit to the temple the next day and her car details. Sumeet sees this as an opportunity to convince Shagun. With a smile on her face, she notices the key ring with Shlok’s name on it. Sumeet goes to the temple with her maids and when she sees Shagun, she takes a bouquet of flowers and runs towards her.

Sumeet introduces himself as Sumeet Sangwan and Shagun recalls meeting a younger Sumeet whom she called a copy of Meet. Shagun playfully puts gulaal on her face to hide her identity and prevent Sumeet from recognizing her. She wants to take revenge without being recognized. Sumeet tells Shagun about Vani Alhwat working with them and Abhay’s liking for her. Sumeet asks Shagun to give them permission to be together and find happiness. Shagun reminds Sumeet about the previous day when he wasted his time at the office. Undeterred, Sumeet expresses her desire to spread happiness like her mother, Meet. Sumeet’s bare feet burn in the sunlight.

Shagun challenges Sumeet to ask the staff to leave if she wants to be like her mother as Meet used to fight alone. She asks Sumeet to sell at least thirteen flowers from the bouquet in an hour. Meanwhile, Raj and Masoom meet Abhay to convince him to marry Vani. Raj fails to notice Shagun’s photo nearby. Shlok meets Sumeet who is struggling to sell the flowers. She thanks him and returns the key, refusing further help. Sumeet faces difficulties under the scorching sun while selling flowers. She borrows a dhol and plays it to attract attention, but eventually passes out from exhaustion. Shlok and Abhay come to her rescue.

Later, Sumeet regains consciousness in Shagun’s car and asks for a second chance. Shagun informs her that the decision has already been taken and tells her to go home. Abhay confesses to Shagun that he really likes Vani. Vani notices Sumeet’s tired and tanned look and asks why he looks bad. Sumeet breaks down, fearing that he won’t be able to keep his promise to Masoom. Vani tries to console her but Sumeet continues to cry. Shlok visits Sumeet, and she initially lashes out, thinking that he has come to make fun of her. To her surprise, Shlok reveals that Shagun has agreed to their relationship and Sumeet hugs him happily. Raj sees them hugging.

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