Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Jai-Vidhi won the auction

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi telling Jai that she won’t do this even with her enemy. Jai applauds her and says I want such a trustworthy person. Say that’s why dad used to like you. He says he will always be grateful to her for making him understand his father’s thoughts. Vidhi says I can understand losing your father is a trauma for you but you are making him happy by accepting his thoughts. He asks if we can go to the auction tomorrow at 7am. Vidhi nods. Jai thinks she is bringing a gift for Dev, which is worse than poison.

Later, Dev and Vidhi make puris to have with Bimla’s achaar. Satyavati comes there and asks if you both are giving me a surprise to make me Dadi. Vidhi says no, Priya bhabhi said about achaar, so we wanted to have it. Satyavati says I am serious and asks them to think about the child, because of their age difference. Dev and Vidhi smile. Next morning Vidhi does aarti and says har har mahadev. Abhi touches Vidhi’s feet and asks her to bless them, says if we get this offer then we will start our business. Vidhi says who can stand in front of Dev ji who is with you.

Vidhi and Jai lie at the auction. I see Raichands and Vidhi’s parents. Jai says looks like we will fight. Dev says we belong to different business house and says he can be the best winner. Jai says best woman will win. Dev says she is my woman, my victory lies in her winning. Jai believes that today your wife will defeat you and realize that you are her enemy. He says good luck to Bimla. Bimla gives her best wishes. The company officer comes there and welcomes them. He asks them to present their quotes. Dev and Vidhi present their quotes. Vidhi and Dev pray for each other. The guy asks them to say why buyers will buy your product and why your product is the best. Dev asks Priya to say. Priya stands up and says Ms. Bimla Sharma will do the presentation. Dev asks Bimla to say this from her heart. Jai says Vidhi will do the presentation from our company. Vidhi says my Maa is standing in front of me. Jai says you fulfill relations at home.

Bimla says our mid-day meal is home food and home love and says if food is good then health will be good. Vidhi says they made their product with organic stuff and it is full of nutrients. She says we will give you the taste of different cities everyday with lower prices. The officer says you both are the winner for me and says the winner will be chosen with the lowest price. He checks both the auction price.

Jai says his win will be Dev’s loss. Officer Mr. Bhatia announces that Mrs. Bimla’s daughter is the winner. Vidhi gets angry. Mr Bhatia says Vidhi’s bid was 76 and Dev’s bid was 77. Dev congratulates Vidhi. Jai asks her to keep her love confined at home. Dev says we congratulate our competitor. Bimla congratulates her. Hariprasad says we never thought we will stay here. Vidhi feels bad for them. Bimla says our victory lies in your victory. Abhi and Priya also wish Vidhi. Vidhi asks if I can spend some time with my family. Jai says we have to complete the formalities. Dev observes Jai’s behavior.

Jai says poor Dev is losing to his wife and says it will be fun when he cries and his wife turns away from him. Vidhi sees everyone sad at office (it’s Jai’s drama). Then she uses glycerin to make fake tears in her eyes. Vidhi comes there and asks if you are fine. Jai asks her to sit. Vidhi asks her not to feel bad as Raichands lost. Jai asks if whatever happened was right and says its shameful for me and says Dev did it intentionally as you were representing this company. Vidhi says I got this auction as the bid was lower. Jai says its Dev’s intelligence and says I don’t expect this from him. Vidhi gets doubtful and says if Dev ji sacrificed the offering intentionally. Dev texts him to come quickly to celebrate his victory.

Precap: Dev makes her wear the tiara and congratulates her for the win. She takes off the tiara and says that if she lost the auction on purpose, then she didn’t do well. Jai says Dev and your relationship will be burnt by this spark. Dev understands Jai’s game and says a drop of love will light even a big fire.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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