Udaariyaan 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat says goodbye

Udaariyaan 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Rupy defending Sartaj and Nehmat. Sartaj thanks her for trusting her. He says I value relationships, Renuka can get angry and slap me, she has right, just don’t let this trust break. Harleen asks Jasmin not to say anything to Ekam and to leave. Jasmin asks if you got mad. Harleen says I will solve our problem. Jasmin says you are blind, come with me to Canada, I will get you any nice guy. Harleen says no, you’re leaving. Jasmin scolded him. She says Ekam will hurt you a lot and you will come back to me. She says I will see you Ekam. She leave. Nehmat says I don’t want to repeat my last mistake, I left without your permission, I want your permission, I have to go.

She asks Rupy to allow her to go. Swaroop asks how will you go in this state. Ekam apologizes to Harleen. He holds her hand. He says, just give me a chance, I promise, this won’t happen again. She says ok, I will give you a chance, I want to see how much you will fool me, I will forgive you but it may become the biggest punishment for you. He says I promise, that day will not come, we will have a real relationship, no third person will come between us, I forgot Nehmat. Swaroop says you both didn’t get married, people will make news. Satti says he is right, go after marriage. Nehmat says I am in no hurry to get married, I have a job, Sartaj is with me. Sartaj says I promise I will take care of her. Everyone hugs Nehmat. Satti blesses and embraces her. They cry. Simple gibberish… plays… Naaz asks if anyone thought about us, we have right to stay happy or not. Sartaj jokes. Balbeer asks why did you take us out of the house when you didn’t want to stay there.

Sartaj says I have to talk to Balbeer. Naaz says I will come too. Sartaj says you are not Balli. He takes Balbeer with him. Naaz also goes to see. Nehmat thinks I’m doing this for Ekam and Harleen, thanks for helping me Sartaj. She is crying. He apologizes to Rupy. Harleen says Ekam, we should go home, everyone is coming, I don’t want them to know anything, we have to sit in puja. They come home and sit in puja. She says they didn’t come, pandit ji starts puja. Nimmi comes and says puja can’t happen, you both have to go home right now. Ekam says I will not go to Sartaj. She asks them to come quickly and get his answers. Sartaj says it is true that you are my father, you did wrong with Maa and me but you don’t do anything wrong with Ekam, Harleen and Renuka. Balbeer says you did wrong with them. Sartaj says you were going to do it, Ekam is a cop, he will put you in jail, I know you are in loan, don’t worry, I have paid your loans. He says parents give pocket money to children but your son is wise, I give you pocket money, keep this card, don’t misuse it, I will keep an eye on you, you won’t hug your son before you leave, who knows we meet again or not. Sartaj hugs him. Nehmat leaves. Put flowers on it. Satti and everyone is crying. Sartaj touches Renuka’s feet. He says you will get your answers by going to your house. Naaz asks what answers. Nehmat says you have to go home for that. Sartaj and Nehmat meet everyone and leave in their car. Ekam and Harleen are on their way. Ekam thinks what Sartaj is doing. Harleen looked at him. She thinks that what Nehmat will do this time, I will not be silent if he does something. Nehmat cries. Sartaj looked at her. Mann vich halla halla… play… Harleen and Nehmat see each other at the crossroads. Harleen thinks I won’t let you cross Ekam and my path again, that’s my promise. She leads the way. Nehmat thinks I’m leaving Ekam, I have to keep a big responsibility.

Renuka asks why is the house decorated, where are they. Nimmo and Rupy say they have left Moga. Ekam is checking a file.

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