Naagin Season 6 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pradeep and Asita telling Mahek that they have locked the snake in the trunk. Mahek says I will see. Raghav opens the trunk and the snake crawls out from there. He tells Mahek that he will go to the jungle for an exotic photo shoot. He goes. Mahek scolds Asita and Pradeep for seeing things in their sleep. Asita says I really kept it in the trunk. Then Mahek says where is he? Raghav thinks I let the snake go as it might bite you. Pragati sees Aryan taking an unconscious Vidhushi with him. She doubts him and walks behind him like a snake. Aryan brings Vidhushi to the jungle and tells his friends that they will be happy after she regains consciousness as she screams and struggles. Vidhushi regains consciousness and sees them. She gets scared and tries to leave, but they hold her. Vidhushi gets very scared. Pragati thinks where did she take Akka and asks Shiv to sign her. She sees the impression of the car’s tires and thinks to go to the jungle. The boys catch her. Aryan asks Vidhushi for a kiss. Vidhushi cries for help and faints. Pragati hears his voice and comes there. She hits men and comes in naagin avatar. She says you all are burden on earth and have no right to live. She hits them. Aryan hides behind the tree. Pragati says that God cannot send Ram everywhere, therefore He sends us. Aryan thinks of recording the video and thinks he will become famous once the video goes viral. The boys ask him to let them go. Pragati says you listened to this girl, when she asked you to leave her. She asks them to die and puts them all in holes. Aryan records him and then tries to run away. Pragati catches him and bites him. She says she made him alive and will kill him to death. He then asks Vidhushi if she is fine? Vidhushi gets up and hugs her. Pragati says they all got punished and they won’t tease any girl now. Vidhushi asks what did he do. Pragati says he threatened them with Police and they run away. She stops the car and makes Vidhushi sit in the car and goes to get her phone. He picks up his phone, then hears romantic music and wonders where it’s coming from.

Raghav and Rihanna pose for the photo shoot. Raghav asks if this photoshoot was needed. Rihanna says yes. He says this is a pre-engagement photo shoot and asks did you take this jungle just for this midnight photo shoot. She says she loves the jungle very much and asks the photographer to make fireflies fly around him. She asks Raghav to pose a titanic picture. Raghav thinks he is disturbing everyone with loud music. Pragati thinks the rich man’s party is happening here in the jungle. She turns to leave. The men near Raghav broke the party poppers. Raghav shouted asking them not to fire. Rihanna says it’s parties. Pragati stops and thinks something is haunting him. Raghav runs from there and shouts saying Prarthana….go from there….your life is in danger. Pragati hears him and realizes that it is Raghu. Raghav faints. Pragati holds him. Tere Sang Pyaar song is playing…..

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