My girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (Shot 2)

hi friends here is the second part of this FF.. hope you like it.

Raanav angrily comes to a girl named Sheena in his office….

Raanav: Sheena!!

Sheena is shocked to see his anger…

Sheena: sir..sir what happened? why do you look angry

Raanav: I know you are the one who filmed Bela making me food and sent it to the media and said useless things.

Sheena stumbles..

Sheena: and..and..sir..and..and..

Raanav: don’t try to hide your mistake. You always make a wreck whenever some girl talks or approaches me randomly.. I used to ignore those things because you didn’t hurt them, you just pushed them away from me. But what you did with Bela is not right..I warn you I will fire you if you do this again..I only respect you for my mother’s friendship with your mother..that’s it. So you better behave..

my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

Raanav leaves as Sheena feels irritated….

Sheena in mind: what is it about that girl that Raanav got so angry? I love Raanav..So I did this because the women were force feeding mango which raanav is allergic to. Why can’t he see my true love?

Bela eats like a foodie in Diya’s restaurant..

Diya: bela.. what are you doing? Eat slowly.. the food won’t run away from here.

my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

Bela: Sister Diya…eating your food like crazy is my happiness on this earth. No one can cook like you…

Diya smiles and suddenly Raanav and pratik come there and Bela gets stunned seeing him..

Bela in mind: ohh no..if raanav sir sees me then he will think i am a fat donkey because i ate crazy..i should get out of his sight.

Slowly she hides here and there and tries to escape but Raanav sees her and gets confused..

Raanav in mind: what is bela doing? Why are you playing hide and seek now? Wait..I’ll take it.

Raanav walks behind her and holds her and Bela is shocked to see him..


my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

Raanav drags her to a lonely place..

Raanav: why did you play hide and seek now? You usually like to bother me when I want to avoid you, but now why did you hide when I want to meet you?

Bela: sir.. I’m a foodie. I will forget everything when I start eating and I will eat like crazy.. so I used to hide from people for a while because I will look like a fat donkey right after eating..

Raanav laughs..

my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

Raanav: Bela, your thinking is so childish. People don’t get fat from overeating…they only get fat when their health forces them to change due to changes inside the body. So don’t feel like that… ok?

Bela in mind: I don’t understand what language he is speaking.. health..body..this and that. But I will agree with him because I don’t want to make him doubt me.

Bela: ok sir. But why did you come to meet me when you hate to see me?

Raanav: because I realized something. You are not as bad as I thought..maybe you are a problem for me but you are good at heart as I saw how you protected Miss Diya against humans and I heard from pratik that you brought me to the hospital and you helped me..

Bela smiles..

Bela: yes.. I know I’m fine and it’s good that you realized it too.

Raanav: Every little girl gives some silly reason to approach me. Tell me you made up a fake ad story to get close to me by walking into my office?

Bela in mind: wow..that’s a great chance to enter his office. I’m going to use this opportunity to work in his office and then go to that lab and find my announcer because he won’t believe me if I tell him about the announcer again.

Bela: sir..yes..I made an excuse as an announcement but I didn’t approach you but to get into office. I always dreamed to work in your company but what should I do..I am an orphan so my background is bad..I know I can’t get in through interview so I thought to attract you and make me i work in your company..

Raanav smiles..

Bela: but I think you won’t even allow me to enter your office next time because you don’t like to see my face.

Raanav: you are wrong. From tomorrow you can work in my office…

Shocking Bela: What? Really? I thought you were an earthly bastard..but you are the angel of the earth. How did you agree to this so soon?

Raanav: because you are different from other girls. Every little girl tries to get close to me by changing, but you are yourself. You really accepted the truth and said what your reason is…I love that so much. I always believe and trust the person who is honest and bees himself.

Bela becomes so happy and jumps for joy like a child..

Bela:yeyyyyy..i ..can I go to work nowww..wowww..

Raanav is in love seeing her cute happiness and smiles..

my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

Suddenly she slips and is about to fall, but he catches her and they both make eye contact.

my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

Pratik who was waiting for Raanav gets tired..

Pratik in Mind: Where’s the Boss? How long does it take to talk to miss.bela? I’m so tired… let me go call him.

Pratik goes to the back yard of the restaurant and suddenly Diya comes there and hits her and they both fall on top of each other and meet an eye….

my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

They soon realize the situation and immediately stand up and…

Diya: I am..I am sorry sir.

Pratik smiles and…

Pratik: even i am sorry.. anyway i am always honest with everyone. So I can honestly say you look like an angel.

Diya blushes while Pratik smiles..

Diya: thank you. No one told me that except you and Bela… I feel happy to hear that.

my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

Pratik: Don’t your parents always compliment you?

Diya gets boring and…

Diya: no…my parents died few years ago. Since then I have been taking care of my father’s restaurant.

Pratik feels bad for her..

Pratik:ohh..sorry. But don’t feel sad..Bela is there with you and even I will be there for you. I’m pratik… can we be friends?

He holds out his hands as Diya feels happy and shakes hands with him..

my girlfriend is an alien.. 3 photos (shot 2)

Diya: I am happy to take a friend. And I am Diya..

They both smile as Raanav and Bela realize their position and move away..

Raanav: always watch your step when you are too happy. And I’m going now…be there at the office tomorrow sharp at 9am.

Bela: sure sir…

Raanav takes pratik and leaves while both diya and bela feel happy..

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