Neerja July 25, 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja agrees to go with Abir

Neerja 25th July 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Abir on his way home thinking of Neerja smiles. Bijay sees Abir smiling and remembers that he met Pratima and asks her to allow Neerja to be with his son and is ready to pay any amount and says that this amount is for his son and not her daughter and tells about Abir’s condition and proposes a fake marriage and promises to protect Neerja by all means. Pratima tells Bijay that she sees the pain in his eyes that he has for Neerja.

Bijay thinks for the first time, without talking to Pishimaa, that he has made a decision for Abir. Pishimaa misses Abir. Abir comes in happy and excited and hugs Pishimaa and says she is coming. Kaushik and Munmun hear Abir’s voice and get worried. Abir happily hugs everyone. Pishimaa asks Abir how he hurt his hand. Abir says he forgets he is coming to meet me, Abir hugs Sarthak and says we both will sit together and make a new tone for my love.
Neerja in tears thinking of Didun’s words. Pratima sees how distraught Neerja is and hugs her. Neerja asks Pratima why she is sending her away from her. Pratima says I am only taking you from here and not from me. Neerja says but what about me, I am just sold. Pratima says the difference is self respect, I understand I paid Didun but that was to stop Didun and there is no dirty for you there and most importantly they were sent by Durga Maa.

Kaushik and Munmun see Abir. Bijays says Kaushik is calming down. Kaushik says remind me he is a threat to us, you forgot what he did to us and please send him back. Abir says this is my house too and I am not going anywhere. Abir apologizes to Bappa and asks if he is afraid of him. Bappa says you are my best friend and hugs him.

Pratima tells Neerja, this Abir plot is all Durga Maa’s blessings to save you from Didun and her filth.

Munmun asks Bijay which girl is coming. Bijay says Abir met her few days ago and is ready to help us. Pishimaa says it is very beautiful. Munmun starts asking many questions about the girl. Pishimaa asks Munmun to stay outside and tells Abir that she is happy for him.
Mausmi sees Bijay worried and asks him what is wrong. bijay thinks how to tell him that Neerja’s past is bothering me. Bijay does not say anything good to her.

Neerja asks Pratima, she doesn’t have anyone and if she was to be sent, why was she brought up and she wishes she was still a child and could be with Pratima.
Kallu has Bappan tied up. Bappan says I want to go to Neerja, let me talk to Didun. Kallu says look at Neerja, she has been bought. Bappan says she is mine, no one can save her from me.

Pishimaa feeds Abir. Abir tells him, even if Trisha comes, I will eat food from your hands. Kaushik tells Abir that Trisha is coming? Abir says yes and will stay with me forever. Munmun says for sure they saw me. Abir says there is no money only love and we are getting married in 2 days. Abir leaves the table.

Pratima takes Neerja to the Durga Maa temple and tries to explain to her how she has worked hard all these years to stay away from Sonagachi’s filth and once she faces this, she will never be able to leave Sonagachi. Pratima tells Neerja that Abir is very good and she will fight to save her self respect.

Pishimaa tells Bijay how he took such an important decision without her consent. Bijay says don’t worry, I am doing this for Abir and this marriage will be fake.
Bijay tells Pishimaa that the girl is an orphan. Pishimaa says how can you accept such a girl, we don’t know about her past and about such girls we don’t know about their culture and they won’t be allowed in this house. Abir hears this.
Neerja tells Pratima that she will go with Abir. Neerja removes the thread from Pratima’s hand.

Pre cap: Bijay meets Pratima and asks if you can come to my house as a representative of the orphanage. Didun comes dressed in saree and says she will go as a representative.
Didun tells Pishimaa that she is a very kind and sweet girl.

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