Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi and Partiksha run away

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ravi sees blood on the ice. He realizes that Partiksha is under the ice. He breaks the ice. He sees fish. Ravi cries. He thinks of Partiksha. Ravi says where are you Partiksha? He continues to look around. Ravi breaks the ice in another box. He sees Partiksha below him. Ravi is shocked. Ravi takes her out. He says Partiksha.. Partiksha faints. Ravi says Partiksha open her eyes please. Ravi rubs his hands. Ravi gives her CPR and kisses her. Partiksha opens her eyes. Ravi says are you fine? He rubs his hands. Partiksha says what were you doing? Tell me to save you. Ravi picks Partiksha and says lets go. Viper come here.

Kaviya tells Manvi that they can’t act, they don’t know anything. I would like to find my Ravi. Who cares about Partiksha. Bua comes there and says you prayed for all this or planned it? Kaviya says what do you mean? Dadi says it was your wish or plan? Viper says you came here to save your heroine, so the villain had to come too. You made it out alive. Partiksha says what kind of man are you. He says very bad. They are a masterpiece. Partiksha says what did I do? Let us go. Ravi says please listen.. its so cold. This ice smells so bad. He throws them in the face and they run away.

Scene 2
Kaviya says Biji you mean? Would I hire these bastards and get Ravi in ​​trouble? No way. Why would i do that. Bua says we were talking about Partiksha. Manvi says to Biji how can you think this. Partiksha brainwashed you. You hurt me a lot. Bua ji says calm down. I said it first. You can fight me. Kaviya says this is not a joke. Bua ji says calm down. Will we find out who did what? The living are caught, they will tell the truth. Kaviya and Manvi leave.

Partiksha and Ravi come to the car. Partiksha tells Ravi that I will not leave you this time. He asks her to get into the trunk of the car and drive. Viper and his men come there and look for Ravi and Partiksha. The car driver takes his car. Partiksha says thank god. We’re going to stop this car after a while. Everyone must be so worried. Ravi says Kaviya must be worried too. He smiles.
The agent tells Sheru your sister has come to meet you. He says I don’t have a sister. Kaviya comes and says it is me. She tells the policeman that I have cancer. Ever since Sheru went the wrong way, our family threw him away. I wanted to meet him before I died. Sheru says you are lying so much. She says I can get you three out of here and give you money. Just don’t open your mouth.

Scene 3
Partiksha tells Ravi that we should stop this car. He says yes, we must be in a safe place now. The guy stops the car. Partiksha and Ravi come out. Partiksha says which area is this? He says I’m a map? Kaviya tells the goons that my father is the greatest lawyer. I want my secret to be kept. No one should know that I kidnapped Partiksha. The living agree. Kinjal sees her talking to the goons.

Ravi and Partiksha come to a house and hide there. Nobody is there. Partiksha says there is no one here. Say you wanted a bartender to welcome you here? A woman and her son come there.

The episode ends

Precap-Viper shoots Ravi. Partiksha rushes Ravi to the hospital and asks the doctor to save her husband. The doctor says too much blood has been lost. I can’t assure if I can save it. Partiksha cries.

Credit update to: Atiba

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