Parineeti June 18, 2023 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rakesh says Pari has to get her abortion. My doctor needs to come. Neeti says Rakesh hurry up. He says yes, wait. The doctor is coming. Pami says we can’t wait for your doctor. It’s not good. The nurse says the doctor is here. Rakesh tells his man where the doctor is. His friend tells him that the doctor had an accident. Hee will not come. Rakesh says bring any other doctor. The ward boy says there is another doctor who can do that. Salojna tells her that nurse Rakesh took Pari to another doctor. Rakesh says my plan failed. I don’t know what to do. I’m trying. She says I did all this for your condition. He says you didn’t. Distract them now so I can arrange something. Warboy comes to you. She takes care of a child. Warboy introduces Rakesh to dai maa. Ward boy says it’s a girl who is pregnant before the wedding. We have to abort her. She says it’s about respect? Rakesh says no, it is about live. She’s pregnant by surrogacy, but I don’t like it. She says you’re going to marry her and she’s pregnant with someone else’s child? She is doing a good deed. The child goes to his parents anyway. It is a good thing. He says how much will you charge? She says she’s not charging for the murders. I can’t kill a child. It’s a hospital we don’t kill people for money here. If you try to do anything, I’ll call the police.

Scene 2
You seem to be screaming in pain. She says Neeti please do something. Neeti says doctor is coming. Neeti cries for her. She hugs her. Pami says they love each other so much. Gurinder says they also scare me so much. When Neeti learns the truth, she will not tolerate it. Pami says you seem to have such a big heart. I hope Neeti does that too. Chandrika says Rajiv’s behavior is changing towards Pari. The doctor checks on Pari. She starts the tests. Pari cries in pain.

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