Saavi Ki Savaari 18th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Sonam instigates Nityam against Saavi

Saavi Ki Savaari 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dimpy coming into the study room and thinks he has kept the gunpowder, now just a flame of misunderstanding and then boom. Nityam asks Saavi to go from there to her Manav and says you are in two strokes. He says you should have waited for our relationship to break, then you would have held Manav’s hand. Saavi asks him to calm down. Nityam says my bad days have not come that I have to listen to the autorickshaw driver and asks him to go to Manav who is not earning money well and asks him to sit in Chattriprasad and sing a romantic song. Saavi says you always doubted Manav and my friendship. Nityam says your Manav was just waiting for our divorce to happen. Saavi says you made our relationship shradh, this time you insulted my character, I will never forgive you for this. She says I am happy to divorce you, you couldn’t understand because of your ego and anger, that I… Says goodbye Mr. Dalmia. Nityam asks her to go hug Manav, melt into his embrace. Say congratulations for your new boyfriend. Raksham is looking for something. Dimpy comes and gives him a highlighter pen. He receives insurance papers. Dimpy says we had that Nityam got an insurance which gives a high premium so that no loss happens. Raksham says there is no loss. Dimpy says its a risk for Nityam. She challenges him against Nityam. Raksham gets angry and leaves. Dimpy thinks it’s easy to break men’s egos.

Everyone is waiting for Saavi. Brijesh says Saavi was not picking up the call but had gone to fix his phone. Nutan says even Sonam is not picking my phone. Saavi comes home heartbroken and goes to her room. Nutan is shocked. Ratna sends Manav to talk to her. Nutan walks behind them.

Raksham tears the project papers thinking of Nityam’s words and burns the papers. Sonam comes there and sees Raksham burning the papers. She asks are you crazy? She asks what papers did you burn and says these are Nityam’s new manufacturing papers. Raksham says yes. Sonam asks him to value the work and says Nityam gave you the responsibility. Raksham says Nityam can’t take any risk for his company and says his company is safe. He goes. Sonam thinks that now she will focus on Saavi’s bidaai and see this loser later. Saavi thinks about Nityam’s words. Manav stands outside and knocks on the door. He sends Nutan out of there and enters the room. He asks if I’m coming in. Saavi asks him to leave. She closes the door. Ratna takes Nutan from there as she comes again. Saavi asks Manav to go and says I don’t want to hear you or see your face.

Nityam comes home. Sonam asks what happened to you and asks about his injury. Nityam says you have no emotions in you. Sonam says I am trying to adapt completely. He says you are Goels, Saavi’s sister. Sonam says I know you are angry with Saavi, but it is not right to release Saavi’s anger on me. He says you are not like Saavi. She goes to get first aid. Manav enters the room. Saavi asks her to go and says Mr. Dalmia thinks that…. He asks her to get first aid for her injury. Saavi says enough. She sits and says Mr. Dalmia accused me badly and called me twice and says why did he say that? Nityam says we will divorce in 2 days, Saavi could not wait 2 days, she is still my wife, our marriage and relationship is not marriage for her, but I never looked at another girl, though I am not a perfect husband. . He says Saavi betrayed me. Saavi says we were not perfect for each other but there was safety between us. She says she didn’t lay a finger on my character before and says she went to tell him her feelings for him but he ended it all. Sonam says I already told you it is too late, you knew Saavi has moved on and then you also hope for you and Saavi. She says you are blaming Saavi for cheating and says they are perfect for each other, when she wants to move on with someone then what is the problem as Saavi and you were never together. Nityam says yes, we were never together and our relationship was not husband and wife, but since few days, Saavi has made hope in my heart. Sonam asks when? Nityam recalls that Saavi saved her life. Sonam says you saw what you wanted to see and asks her to see from her sight and says Manav and Saavi were getting closer to each other. She asks him to turn from their ways and asks him to leave Saavi and move on in life. She says Saavi is moving on, you will be happy if you moved on. She smiles and leaves. Yeh dooriyan plays… as Saavi and Nityam are shown.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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