Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi Returns

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kinjal says Pratiksha Ravi has gone abroad. Pratiksha says I asked you not to tell her. Kinjal says Chachu can help us. Pratiksha says no, they already suffered a lot because of me. Kinjal says then how will we get help? Inspector says time is up. You’re breaking the rules. Kinjal says throw me in jail too. Pratiksha says please let her go. I close Kinjal. He hugs Pratiksha. Kaviya thinks about what Pratiksha said. She tells Mandip that Pratiksha said this house and Ravi is hers. I see it everywhere. I was so happy when I came here and then Pratiksha came. She destroyed my marriage. I feel no peace. Why am I so tense? I see her everywhere in this house. I’ll throw his stuff away. I will do his teej today.

Ravi calls Adi. He says I want chandigarh ticket right now. Adi says we can’t take her out at this time, courts are closed. Ravi says I shouldn’t have done that. Adi says stop blaming yourself. Ravi is worried about Pratiksha. He says it’s all my fault. I knew Kaviya would do something. Kaviya throws Pratiksha’s things. Mandip says you will get everything. Kaviya says I think Ravi has feelings for her. Mandip says I am also thinking the same, but how can it be. Kaviya says sometimes he doesn’t support her. He feels guilty and maybe sympathetic. She herself did all this. Mandip says you did good. Dadi comes there. Ravi calls the inspector. Say you arrested my wife. He says yes I did. Ravi says can I talk to her? He says this is not a both phone. Kinjal asks what is Ravi Randhawa? She tells Kinjal I know you are expecting her to call. He says I don’t have to tell you. Kinjal says Ravi doesn’t know you are here. Pratiksha says we will find a way out. Kinjal says Ravi is the way out. He is very good. Pratiksha says this is how he pretends to be cute. He loved Kirthi and then he was forced to marry me and now he married Kaviya and now he is after me? He is not a hero. Kinjal says this is your first teej after wedding. Pratiksha says this doesn’t matter for me.

Tadi says why are you both looking at me like this? Dadi says Kaviya why did you throw Pratiksha’s things? Kaviya says as this is my room, I cant wait for him to come back and take it. Tadi says you shouldn’t do all this. Kaviya says what is wrong? Dad says he’ll be back home one day or another. This is her house. Mandip says he will do the drama again. She stole the jewelry. Ravi won’t support her when he finds out. He will throw it all alone. Eventually you and Ravi will unite. Let things be here. Dadi says where is she? Kaviya says I don’t know. Mandip calls Ravi. He says mom won’t help her. Ravi tells Mandip that he had a conference. She says you should have told me. Come home.. Ravi says I will come back. Mandip says thank God Ravi was not here. Kaivya says I want Ravi to throw her out of this house. Mandip says this is your first lorhi in this house. I want to celebrate it with you.

Scene 2
Ravi is worried about Pratiksha. He remembers her saying she didn’t need support. Adi meets everyone. Mandip says you have to eat first. Ravi calls Adi. He thanks Adi and says if you weren’t there, I wouldn’t have known what happened. Adi says I know how important Pratiksha is for you. When I told you she was arrested, you went all the way back. You came back just for her. Mandip hears her. Ravi comes to inspector and says please release my wife on bail. My lawyer is coming soon. He says you have to wait for your lawyer. Ravi looks at Pratiksha sleeping. He says I will not let anything happen to you.

The episode ends

Credit update to: Atiba

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